Idea: 9Xx Like Sample Manipulation

I had an idea today sitting bored at my desk at work taking phone calls…

Since Renoise now has the option to mark the transients in a sound file, would there we any possibility of triggering these transients from an inline command somewhat like the 9xx command? ie. 00=first transient, 01=second etc… This may open the possibility of mixing with larger files where the resolution of the 9xx command is not tight eneugh… Also would act much like a DJ’s ever so useful CUE positions, but used at production level - or live ;)

If you have a sliced instrument then you can play the original base note + 09xx to trigger each slice.

C-4 0901 triggers the 1st slice
C-4 0902 triggers the 2nd slice

and so on…

Simply playing the slice notes (sample keyzones) directly achieves the same thing anyway, so this is just an alternative method.

Edit: I forgot to mention something really nifty… You can also combine the slice notes with 09xx to actually perform sample offset within each slice :)

You can.

I was meaning before the sample is rendered down, something like how rex / recycle handles its transients… much like if there was a 45sec/1min sample - wouldnt have to be bounced down

edit - I know u devs are always on the ball, ill have more time tonight to play around with the beta and get back to this, unfortunately Im still at work though.

This is exactly what I was aiming for, basically I was looking for a different command, one to handle sample offset, one to handle slice offset… I didn’t realize the notes triggered the slice too, as i said, I know you dev’s are on the ball - finding this then making an intense jungle loop in less then 5 seconds, I’m am extremely impressed with this update, this simple process used to take quite some time, especially with the separate envelopes.

Only problem I have with Renoise in general now… too addictive :)