Idea: Cells! Community Loop Pack

Would anyone be interested in collaborating and working together to create a community based loop pack for Cells!?

I think that a pack of premade loops and one-shots that could be downloaded along with the final release (as a seperate download) would be ideal for ‘instant gratification’ / learning how Cells! works.

The 64 beat sample limit still remains, but I’m thinking that for example a loop comprised of drums, bass, synth could be broken down like so:

  • Combined loop
  • Synth only loop
  • Bass only loop
  • Drums only loop
  • Drums w/o kick loop
  • Kick drum only loop
  • Various parts of drums only loop(s)

In this format, all loops could be collected into a single instrument and users can load the same instrument into multiple tracks to mix various parts of the loops together (e.g. kick & bass loops, moving to combined loop).

Anyone interested on working with me on this?

I think it is a great idea, then you could use the loop pack in your manual or other people could use it in tutorial vids so everyone has a common set of sounds to work with

A Renoise Cells Construction Kit.

I like the idea. Maybe made only with sounds that come with Renoise anyway?

Maybe specify two or three different BPMs to be used as the basis for the loop generation…

Hey Mxb, didn’t you team up with sample pack creators some time ago to convert their products to .xrni? Maybe can hook them up for some loops?

This is a very good argument for such a pack. Anybody could great a ‘Cells! tutorial/demo video’ that others can follow .

Well, I’m going to have to assume anything that is submitted is free for others to use, otherwise it becomes too complicated.

I’ve made a few loops at 128bpm, because that is what my default is set too.

Yes, I worked with PureMagnetik to assist with their porting to Renoise. It’s worth considering, but I don’t know their licensing terms. I thought a community pack would be a good idea as everyone and anyone can contribute to a common ‘loop pool’ which anyone can use however they want.