Idea For Coloring Tracks Within Groups.

I love the new group feature and when reorganizing a song to take advantage of it I started making for example

Red - Drum group (drum group track one light red/drum group track 2 slightly darker red/drum group track 3 slightly darker red again)
Green - Bass group (bass group track one light green etc etc)

and found it really easy to see on the pattern matrix which track were what. However it is a bit time consuming to do manually. I wondered what everyone would think of an option in the color picker for groups to set a “parent” color and automatically color sub tracks as a lighter or darker shade?


Drums = FF000
track one = EE0000
track two = DD0000

and so on.

There seems to be a few request about automatic members colors. I think one problem is that people have different preferences on how they should be set. Perhaps it’s better to solve this on a tool level, avoiding it being a topic for constant debate :) If you like I could script it.

^ it would be a really nice feature but, as joule points out, there is a lot of different people with different preferences, it might be a good idea to have this as a script with multiple options, instead of a native implementation.

I think my suggestion to use a variable alpha blend would cover most people’s requirements - users can have the group colour override the child colours, blend with the child colours or have no effect whatsoever on the child colours, whichever they find most useful. A single checkbox “inherit colour from parent group” would also cover two out of those three options.

A script would work too though, you would have to re-run it if you changed the parent group colour but that’s not the end of the world.

isn’t there a change notifier or something for parent group color in the API?