Idea For Live Beat Manipulation

I’ve been experimenting today with using Renoise in a similar way to Exile uses Reaktor. Basically mapping out different parts of a break over the keyboard so you can jam and mess the beats around.

One idea that has sprung to mind a function that basically quantises the key hits for this type of live use. In the same way that Ableton live deals with things. For example, say you’ve got a beat playing and you then hit the snare part, it comes in on the time structure that you’ve set, not exactly when you hit the key (unless you’re timing is spot on!).

This would be awesome and stop any dodgy timing.

Do you know what I’m on about!!!

Cutting up beats live is great fun but if you want to play out to people the timing of the beats has got to be pretty exact.

An on/off switch for this type of function would be amazing!!!

Is there any VSTs out there which would allow you to do this in Renoise?

Along similar lines, I’ve got an idea for live playing, except it’s more for melody:

I think it would be cool to have an “arpeggio” meta-device that would only have two parameters — the actual key of the track, and the virtual key — and it would allow you to change the current key of the track while it was playing by hitting keys on the keyboard while the track was selected. That way, you could do nifty things with your melody live… unfortunately however, I’m pretty sure this would be difficult to implement. I’ve thought of using pitch shift plugins, but I don’t like the sound quality… I’d prefer to have the trigger pitch of the note change relative to the base key

As for the live quant… I would assume that if it could be implemented, there would be a delay of one quant slice before the beat would play… as it can’t predict what key you’re going to hit ;)

I’ve thought alot about live “performance” with renoise, and I think something that would be even more useful would be the ablity to que up patterns easily during playtime… and the ablity to edit patterns that aren’t playing yet while other patterns are playing. That way, you wouldn’t need to worry about quantizing, as long as you were fast enough to edit your pattern before the song hit it. This all could basically be implemented by having a setting where the playback was completely indepentant of the editing.

Currently, when I’m in “don’t move the cursor with the bloody playposition” mode, if I press the spacebar, it automatically jumps back to “follow the playposition” mode… this is pretty damned annoying to say the least… I’d prefer it if when in the “don’t move the cursor with the bloody playposition” mode, the spacebar would do nothing but turn note recording on and off… and I guess that could be rectified if I switched it out of FT2 mode, but I’d really prefer if I didn’t have to… but then, maybe it’s a good idea to turn it off when I’m doing live stuff so I don’t accidentally stop the song (and the crowd starts rioting) Either way, I’m rambling now… but the ability to edit other patterns than the one that’s playing would be kickass. That is all.

stops hijacking the thread, and lets discussion continue about realtime quantization

I’m in. Let’s all become taktiks! Transform!!

Well that didn’t work… Until there are more taktiks, I wholeheartedly recommend energyXT as a VSTi in Renoise for groove and quantisation.

Start counting until you have enough…

You should keep an eye at LiveSlice, unfortunatly it doesn’t sync correct with the current version of Renoise. I’ve reported this to the LiveSlice developer in february and he said it was fixed. I’m still patiently waiting for a bugfix release, so that i can start slicing away. hint :D

BTW: LiveSlice is at version 1.43 now.

Link to bug report:

Yeh, what I’m on about is a little like when you unmute a channel with a loop on and the loop only play from the start note slot.

It would be wicked to have a function where you can hit a key and the sound/beat only starts playing bang on a beat.

Alternatively, and this is what I do when I play live -

Use the offset to mangle the breaks.
If you chop the the break right, you should have all the important parts of the breaks on the 16s.

So … 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 A0 B0 C0 D0 E0 F0

Makes it work real nice.