Idea For Numeric Keypad

From reading a few other threads it seems a lot of people don’t like using the numeric keypad for the sample listen option, and there was a debate on how they could be utalised instead. I have been thinking of how to utalise Renoise for live play and came up with something I would like.

The basic keys 0 - 9 would work as track on off (maybe having Shitf & 0-9 as operating tracks 10-19) so you could bring parts in and out easy with the keyboard.

On top of this it would be nice if something like +/- & 0-9 opened or closed the note column (with Shift being the next 10 up)

This added with a complete pattern follow free so that you could change pattern sequence and do automation tweeks on forcomming patterns would make Renoise quite a joy to play around with live :D

Also to really improve live playing would like to see a change in how samples are treated. At the moment if a long sample is playing and you change pattern it just stops. I can see two possible ways of dealing with this, either of which would be an improvement in my eys (or at least as an option.)

One would probably be easier, to have the samples simpley to continue playing when pattern is changed, rather than stopping dead.

The other way would be to have an audio track more similar to sequencers, where you have the waveform all the way down the track.

What could work really well is if it worked as audio tracks, cutting between them if there is another sample there, but if it is blank have the option to have the sample stop or continue playing. This would give option for cutting in and out large parts, useful for drop outs and build ups :)

But there are plenty of threads about that type of thing. Does nobody else think they would use the numeric keypad in the way mentioned above except me?

Live i use laptops, so no keypad for me anyway :) Isnt there a way you can set up keyboard shortcuts for stuff like that already?

Part of it yeah, well the muting.

Also found now to turn note cut off on pattern change now for my later point.

The expanding of closing of tracks via a keyboard I don’t think is assignable. Would open up more combinations and mean less tracks to work through with more impulse playing possible.

Also being completely pattern free so you can change the other and forthcomming patterns is a must in my eyes.

As for not having numeric keypan on a laptop I’m sure there are functions you don’t need so much live you can replace ;)