Idea for timestretching

Renoise Classic(affordable as it is now)

Renoise X(With,for example,“Elastique Pro”…More costly)

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How much would more costly be, would it be worth it? Is the elastique pro license what ableton uses for its warping feature, you can’t do anything with formants right while pitch shifting? Is it that much better quality wise then what we have now? Is trying to create your own stretching engine too difficult? Are these to many questions? :slight_smile:

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Waveform FREE use elastique pro

elastique pro have settings for formants

Renoise with elastique pro for 105 dollars should stay competitive i think

own timestretching engine…No no no…:expressionless::bomb:
the best timestretching engines are based on years of “payed” coding,I think

Renoise team have to negociate for a licence
If they negociate a “per user” cost,they won’t take risk…

the question is : Will it be enough renoise user to upgrade,to make the implementation time profitable ?

The best stretching engines are NON real time … so yeah
Have a look at composers desktop pro (lua tool ) for renoise , there are some really great stretch algo’s in there

I have tried free TSs…Nothing to compare with “paid” TSs

“paid” TSs are faster,better…Acid Pro,Waveform

I would pay for a better time stretching algo like elastique. I had suggested this a while back as well. FL and Bitwig also use Elastique. Would improve the sound quality enormously.

Taktik has weighed in on it not long ago.


“Realtime” timestretching is not useful in Renoise

The quality of the rendering is the priority
Adding some tools to measure easily (with no help of a calculator) the bpm of a loop could be a great addition

I’m happy with the current stretching in the instrument editor, also the ‘third party’ offline akaizer / cdp tool options. A realtime, native, light on the cpu but cheaper sounding timestretch triggered through a pattern command would be nice to have, think ‘dblue stretch’ vst sounding. Just for creative flexibility, throw effects on top and rock out, not everything has to sound pristine, lofi glitchy stretches have their charm, oldschool sample offset pattern command stretch ftw :slight_smile: .

Ideally using the current stretching algo, I’d like an offline ‘render to sample / timestretch’ option; so you can make a selection in the pattern editor and be able to drag-expand the selection with the mouse (while holding a keyboard modifier for finetuning), automatically stretching the content within to the new position, automatically creating a new sample instrument in the process that will populate said selection. Ah so many quality of life improvement ideas, while everything is already there, you just have to work harder for it :sunglasses:.

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yeah a ruff n ready grain stretch with parameters for stretch amount and grain size would be killer.

i know you can get this sort of sound with 0SXX and phrases but controlling the lpb / grain size and retaining the sample length is a ball ache… might be made easier with a tool perhaps…

Amen Break ~152.25 bpm

->result (with Waveform)
Amen Break Elastique timestretching 180 bpm

I just want to hear the result with free solutions

stretched to 180 bpm using Renoise offset command.xrni (1.6 MB)

stretched the ~152.25 file to 180 bpm using Renoise’s SXX pattern command iteration :slight_smile: . Honestly though for best quality results when speeding up breaks, I’d rather slice the break and put it in a phrase or something.

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It took me 1 minute to find (approximation) the bpm and 30 second to render the file (all in waveform free)

Elastique TS is the winner because of easier use , with no distortion

@Jonas Thank you for the rendering

If someone could render via Akaizer…