Idea: Independent Time Line

I didn’t have the time to check the possibility of the Renoise api and I have no idea if this would be possible. So I’ll just ask.

Would it be possible to program a step sequencer which is independent from the Renoise pattern sequence?
Maybe an example will clear what I mean: suppose I have a drum loop splitted in eight patterns and a bass sequence with four notes that fits the duration of the eight patterns. I want to jump from one pattern to another to jam with the drums, but I want to keep the bassline as I programmed it.

Do you think is possible or will be in the future?

Sounds similar to the clip view in Ableton…great feature for quickly trying out new ideas in a track.

Danoise is exploring this with his Recorder idea. Recorder already exists and is included with the latest Duplex beta.

PDF Documentation On Recorder:

Recorder is inspired by my GridTard idea, currently vapourware. Both are similar to what you are describing and doable with the API.

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Thanks, but I have to point out that the Recorder is primarily aimed at recording, not sequencing. Although it’s quite possible to make polymeter rhythms with looping, it doesn’t really have an “independant timeline” as such…

The way I interpret “independant time line” is really more like how PMClip would work - synchronizing stuff across patterns. PMClip is a strong idea, especially since it would be doing the dirty work in the background, and you’d be able to continue using your favourite step sequencer, or the good old QWERTY!!

PMClip! That’s what I was looking for.


This seems interesting. Maybe I didn’t think about all this. What inspired me was the possibility to play with long samples while playing a Renoise song. Suppose we have a tool for this “independent sequencer” and it has 8 steps. We slice and put in it a vocal sample. You can use a Launchpad to play it normally, but you can also play different slices. I think this would actually be fun and useful.

I think a bunch of people already dubbed this “Instrument Pattern” , so one could have a 16 row pattern for beats and 512 row pattern for pads and 64 row pattern for bass and have it all play with one pattern loop. It’s similar to how Buzz Tracker or Ableton Live’s Session view like to do it :)