IDEA: Instr. Sample Control device * update: pitch

(EatMe) #1


I would like to input the idea of a “Instrument Sample Control device” in the instrument modulation and internal track DSP effects.

The “Instrument Sample Control device” could have:

a) a “linked instrument” selection
b) a “slice” selection
c) a “offset” slider
d) a “gain” slider
e) a “panning” slider
f) a “reverse/forward toggle” trigger
** update:
g) a “semitone” slider
h) a “cents” slider

b) c) d) e) f) g) and h) could be controlled by external automation.

the b) “slice” selection is a dropdown list which has all the sample slots in the a) “linked instrument” selected.

the c) “offset” slider gives the starting offset for the selected b) “slice” when triggered by the sequencer or key

the d) “gain” slider sets the gain of the individual selected b) “slice”

the e) “pan” slider sets the panning of the individual selected b) “slice”

the f) “reverse/forward toggle” is an addition working like the 0B00 / 0B01 effect command, it automatically alternates between reversed/forward playback respecting loops and reversed initial playback on the selected b) “slice”

** update:

the g) “semitone” is a relative value to pitch the selected b) “slice” lower or higher by the chosen number of semitones

the h) “cents” is a relative value to pitch the selected b) “slice” lower or higher by the chosen number of cents

with this “Instrument Sample Control device” features I could:

  1. control/fade individual slices gain and panning by automation
  2. control/alternate individual slices start offset by automation
  3. toggle reverse/forward play on individual slices by automation
    ** update:
  4. control individual slices semitone and cents pitch

within sample based instruments.

Maybe I will make a nice graphical preview of this thing soon.

4629 Renoise_Instr_Sample_Device.JPG

** update:

maybe there also should be a “relative semitone pitch” and a “relative finetune” slider?


g) “semitone” (default in the middle on xy80 = +00 semitones)

xy00 = -80h semitones
xy80 = +00h semitones: the same as set in sample properties semitone
xyFF = +80h semitones

h) “cents” (default in the middle on xy80 = +00 cents)

xy00 = -80h cents
xy80 = +00h cents: the same as set in sample properties semitone
xyFF = +80h cents

I will try to add this into another graphical preview soon.

4640 Renoise_Instr_Sample_Device_+_Pitch.JPG

with the best fonts,

EatMe out.

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(Admiralbumblebee) #2

Great idea.

(Tom de Rooy) #3

+1 Good addition.

(EatMe) #4

I would also like silent vv and taktik and dblue approval


(ballacr75) #5

Hi, great if also add control for sample loop start, sample loop end, and loop offset (shift start+end: think at a wavetable, you can go through the sample with a midi control…wonderful)

(EatMe) #6

That would add some new features. I expect that adding the features you requested will take more development and testing time - placing loop start/end and offset will give some problems on play at the edges I suppose - it certainly is a good request - I hope to see these added in future versions of Renoise.

(Drop Shadow) #7


(EatMe) #8





(Vastique) #9


(vV) #10

That we’re silent doesn’t automatically mean approval :P
I’m not against it either, i do suspect that such device does have limitations regarding control from the pattern editor, so i suspect one would only use it for specific kind of samples. (e.g. not a 1024 layered piano kit)

(EatMe) #11

It would be very useful for a drum kit / breakbeat and instruments with up to 255 selectable slices / samples in the sample slot. limited by that 255 slices for the purpose that this device has is fine with me.

(Vojeet) #12

+1 for “relative semitone pitch” and a “relative finetune” and everything else, but without comic sans! :D

(EatMe) #13

You have noted my hard work, I’ve been very unprecise with all the descriptive text elements.
I have used this specific font to encourage the renoise developers to make something alike but even more nice.

If you can make a rainbow on the background of every Renoise DSP, please spread your template.

EatMe out

(florian) #14

being able to programmatically tweak the loop start and end points would make chiptune coding about a hundred times for fun and insane. :w00t:

(EatMe) #15

add to

5102 Renoise_Instr_Sample_Device_+_Pitch.JPG

(Ledger) #16

Not a solution for this suggestion but I`ve just released a tool (alpha) which helps with setting pattern vol / pan/ delay values via sliders, could be useful in meantime.


5105 Note Prop.PNG

(ffx) #17

Yes, those all-round standard parameters which every instrument has could be indeed placed into a separate controlling device next to the macro device…

Or added to an overhauled macro device, which provided such standard parameters automatically…

(EatMe) #18

Rather Bumping This


(boonier) #19

Yeah me too. I was hoping to be able to set the offset of the start phase of a waveform to add life to otherwise static wavetable.

I tried the usual workaround of duplicating the sample and cutting/paste the parts of the waveform to mimic different phases, then setting round robin (random), which works, but then if you want to tune a waveform an octave or 5th below root, then it falls apart with the random setting.

Being able to set this at a sample level, or even, having sample groups that can be treated individually would be great (this also could have other benefits with setting modulation chains globally to a group of samples).

Maybe in the next update?