Idea: Looping Real-Time Sample Recorder / Resampler

So, maybe some of you have used “beatlookup”, a reaktor ensemble, or you’ve used the UserWave RAM recorders on the machinedrum, then you know what this device does:

  • You create it as an instrument on a track, in it’s dialog you choose what sample in what instrument it should record to and you choose the sample lenght (can be set in bars/beats @ bpm too) and specify what source it will record from.

  • It then allocates the needed space for the sample in the sample-slot

  • Now all you have to do is set markers in a track, note-ons starts the sampling, note-offs stops it and offsets sets where in the sample it will start recording, this way you can control it just like you control a sample playback device, hell you could even record backwards.

  • The important thing for things not to get messed up is that you need to perform all the writing after playback. Ideally there could be feedback which would be handled with the same type of programming that you use for fractal picture generation but we don’t have the processing power to do it in real-time yet so this solution will have to do.

This type of functionality is also featured in Elektron’s new octatrack machine, but who wants to spend that much money when you have renoise eh?


Keyword: Recorder.