Idea : New Genre -> Glitch-Hop Neurofunk

Hey guys,
We just started about 2 months ago. It’s something different I hope.
Let me know what you think!

Free Download @

Awesome tracks!

I’ve been keeping an ear on this style for a while now.
My favorite so far is Opiuo.

I’m liking the sounds. Hope to hear more tracks in the future!

know of Tipper nikto?…feature=related

Nikto’s posts made me think of Tipper and Si Begg :)

Fabled Enemies: You using Renoise on these? Liking the sounds, bit more trip-hoppy than the above IMO :)

why is this in the ideas & suggestions forum and not the song forums?

Tipper is cool too!

hmm, yeah, that’s weird. I think we’re brainstorming ideas how to call this particular brew of bass music.
I think I’d call this Glitch-Step, or Glitch-Funk because it tends to weave all the glitchiness and mayhem around a steady funky beat, (not necessarily a hip-hop one).

I hope to be posting one that i’m working on, soon.

awesome!!! you should be signed and playing shitloads of shows right now.

Well it has been cross-posted in the Songs section…