[Idea] Piano Roll

Hello guys.

i think about pianoroll was so many think and idea from this top. my question: maybe its possible do with script? just single window for working with chords and note. I think this tool will be very demanded.


BAM! https://forum.renoise.com/t/new-tool-ticky-roll/30116

I will be updating this for 2.8 soon when I have my next burst of scripting. The multi-track version wont play nice with 2.8 group tracks.

ops ))))) hahahaa thnx. missed

thts not a pianoroll :D
that is only a note ticker—

its just start. i think latter will be great

Afraid there are no plans to attempt a full piano roll from me.

This is a feature that I think should be for the core of renoise. i.e. faster, better integrated and more functional. Think dragging notes around, multiple selections, zooming, scroll bars, modifier keys with mouse for value changes…

My attempt at emulating piano roll using the scripting API: Pianolol Melody Editor: New Tool (2.8): Pianolol Melody Editor
In contrast to the Ticky Roll it does not set new notes, but edits existing ones. It also offers logic taken from ScaleFinder to easily see if your notes are in scale.
The API does not really offer much comfort in designing these things. I couldn’t even find some way to make a scrolled sub-view or something like that. Having this natively would be more than just awesome. But I think, this tool will satisfy most of my needs fine until Renoise comes with a built in one.