Idea: Record Track Mute

What I miss now in working with renoise which seems easier in other daws, is workflow go like “turn on record or record automation” and then just go through your track (as in song) muting and unmuting tracks (as in channels) from left to right (not as in panning). Would be cool if someone could make a tool for that, should be easy enough, just remove notes starting from when the mute button is pressed (except the first ‘note’ if it’s a note-off)…

Go for it, sounds good! :drummer:


I think that when mute is pressed, you want this script to output mutes as well. Otherwise, e.g. some string pad will not stop playing?

Been thinking more about this idea - I think there’s some real potential here.

To expand the idea, I would want this tool to respond not only to track mutes, but column mutes as well. And to differentiate between OFF and MUTE events.

Exactly. I need to think about this some more before I can make a proper tool.

what i sometime do…

i route tracks via jack either ino qtractor or ardour / multitrackrecord them. this way you can some sort of record mute… after finished recording the hole performance i can mix the tracks in ardour with fx and so on… i think you get the idea… recording gridpie similar to ableton would be great, thats true but at the same time… you will never get an excat performance and you will always want to fine tune afterwards, so maybe it is the best to do so from the beginning in the pattern matrix… i know it is hard…

have a look at the demo tracks and study the pattern matrix and learn how they did it… and as if you learn how they did it, dont get confused or give up because it seems to be to compley, just do it, try in small steps and learn, after some time yout get more experience and routine in your workflow for bigger projects

Yeah well, I know how to mute slots in PM, and also a particular shortcut called Alt-Z Ctrl-X, but the tool / functionality would be to make the workflow more lively, less ‘run after the playhead with cursor and make modifications’