Idea: Renoise Scripting Language

many renoise users out there are also good programmers… how about giving them an sdk or library to work on to develop more internal dsp plugins for renoise, visualisation plugins for demos/tutorials, hey maybe more flexible skinning support.

vst is good, but you still need a decent compiler.

Yes, things like this have been discussed before, and is on our minds.
But it is not likely to happen very soon.

vst is good, but you still need a decent compiler.

A decent compiler is needed for DSP code no matter what API you use.

If you (or anyone else) want to program some DSP device or other stuff,
send us a mail (taktik and martin at and we can probably
arrange something.

i could imagine integrating a python or javascript (SpiderMonkey) some day, but it wont be fast enough to write yourown dsp’s imho…

could be usefull for automating stuff, like song-data processing, creating own views to controll several dsp’s and vsts in a scripted gui…

well, indeed, that would be really nice, but its not that trivial. let us finish 1.3 first and give us some time to breath before we start discussing such far-reaching features.

the fist thing to implement should be an plugin SDK anyway.


I love you :wub:

a scripting language for pattern operations could be interessting …

i mean … pattern / note / effect (column) manipulation …