Idea: Tap Tempo Record Column

In Adlib Tracker 2, play and stop are mapped to F keys and I think enter pauses. In AT2 if you press space bar while song is stopped you advance one row while playing all the instrument/notes for the row you proceeded. This is a great way to “perform” and plot detailed time changes.

My suggestion: A tool that lets you jitter your way through the song/pattern by tapping the space bar (or other key) and Renoise calculates the time you are going at for each step and opens a dedicated row for F0/F1/F2 effects.

Would this be possible?

The Return key lets you play a lines, as you sap Space Bar does in AT2.

Not sure about the using this is calculate tempo… May be possible but not sure how useful or accurate it’ll really be.

Its pretty useful. I got the idea by loading an old AT2 song and just tapping my way through a pattern and realizing that I could make it sound pretty amazing just by manually playing through the song so I went and tried to duplicate the groove with FXX effect and realized it could take an hour just to reasonably edit one pattern that way.

could this tool be of any help?

Neat tool but it only records tempo changes while playing so you have to keep up with it, essentially its leading you instead of you leading it which is kind of opposite of the idea.

From what I understand this tool would calculate how long since the last line played and make a tempo automation based on that.
Is that right?

Precisely, that’s the concept.

i’d really love to have access to stepping via say midi (play current line, move to next line - then repeat that on the next button-press)