Idea: Tendency Mask Using Envelopes

Since it will take time before acquiring the necessary coding chops, I thought about spitting this out already if anyone feels confident in picking this up.

(pic: Reference: B. Truax, “Timbral Construction in Arras as a Stochastic Process”, Computer Music Journal, 6(3), 1982).

I’d like a script that Applies dynamic boundaries to a selection (use it on note events, pattern command values in the pattern editor etc), visually represented for example using envelopes like found in the automation editor to set upper and lower boundaries wherein shit will happen, while events outside the selection will be cut off/deleted.

Use it on a selection of already programmed material or use it in combination with some generator script, so generated events will only fall inside the boundaries.

It’s like a pimped out find and replace filtering tool with dynamic, meaning changing over time, variable limits.

Ok, very rough ms-paint mock-ups :), the script should be able to fetch and visualize the selection in a graph where the x-axis is time, and the y-axis represents the event-value, whatever that would be;

By doekiedoek at 2010-07-21

You should be able to draw in line segment breakpoint upper and lower limits:

By doekiedoek at 2010-07-21

Pressing ‘process’ should filter out the values outside the drawing.

Using tendency masks you can ‘force’ some kind of direction in aleatoric processes, random generated events.

I think this is an awesome idea for generative music/rhythms/whatever!!!

Unfortunately, you can’t draw custom graphics with the Renoise API (yet?).

You would need to implement some kind of drawing application (because the user needs to draw the threshold lines) that is able to post-back changes to the Renoise script, a bitmap would not be enough. I think you could use JSON for data exchange (JSON4Lua or JSONRPC4Lua, maybe)… or OSC. Would be helluva project, though. One could even use Löve (a LUA 2d game engine) for the drawing/generating app and get really fancy with the gui ;) Oh god… I see many, many moving parts

Nice this thread is not completely tumbleweed :slight_smile: and you guys are thinking about calling drawing applications or workarounds.

I thought with the lua gui api one would have access to all visual gadgetry Renoise consists off right now, like the automation envelopes in the automation editor? 2 of these boxes would be enough to set upper and lower limits?

Nope. I would really love a scriptable envelope editor, but it’s not there atm.