[ idea ] xrni shared library tool?

I see that in "tips & tricks forum there allready is a load of good stuff instruments, so i have an idea about tool similar to “freesound.com” integration tool, where we can browse for samples from a specific site, i guess would be awesome make a tool where users can add their xrni instruments available for other users accesible straight from renoise, woud be cool make some kind of library, with easy to browse for a nice sound “drums” “keys” etc add some rating and so on. this also would be awesome for new users for a good start, and possibility to learn new stuff how to make their own kick ass instruments :)

maybe someone could make that happen…
whats others opinion about it?

That I still wait when Renoise Team will reveal a place where all Doofers (with outputs for mad meta devices) and Instruments will live together :slight_smile:

I also have a hope that maybe the “Content Libraries”, as they were called iirc, would have a renoise.com home. It’s happened with tools already!

A user content library would be great, i’d love to see it with catgories and tags and a rating system. :)

Could it work like a torrent or similar to Soulseek system, where the files are stored locally on your own harddisk, but you can choose which files to share? Would save money having to store on some cloud based website?

Maybe we could host it on Internet Archive? Or is that abuse?

This is one of my biggest wishes.I have asked about it before but was sent a link to a different site where some instruments and stuff where hosted but (no offense) it was pretty awful and it was all over the place i mean it was really really bad.It would be brilliant if dsp chains,samples and instruments all had their own home with seperate sub categories and ratings.I don’t know why it hasn’t been done yet,i would of thought that this would be a great addition to Renoise in general.The most important aspect would be to keep all of their homes right here on the Renoise website so everything Renoise is centralized making it very easy to maintain and for users to contribute. :ph34r:/>

Haha, that page was still there at least a couple of months ago and probably it’s still there. I tried to upload something, but it didn’t seem to work, a week later or so there was a renouncement that the service is closing down, so now it’s just a dump for the instruments that has previously been uploaded. I remember i found at least 1 nice instrument there though, a male choir xrni. :w00t:

I agree that this would be a very user friendly service, maybe even attract more people to Renoise, because of all the free awesome sounding instruments that only works in Renoise (and Redux?). Is it to expensive with this kind of hosting perhaps?
Maybe a solution could be to have a new forum section with sub forums as category folders, making it impossible to start a new thread without attaching an xrni (when you’re in the instrument section).

The coolest thing though, would be making the whole thing inside Renoise itself, just browse through the different categories and load the files you want whenever you’re online. Maybe torrents could work for this task?

yep, someone did it with freesound looked awesome, but i guess p2p network would not be bestest idea, maybe simple ftp sharing would work? adding users who want to contribute and free acsess for guest who want get a file?

Also i think torrents would be a bad idea,i would much prefer to see a ftp setup.

I wasn’t thinking about torrents as you use it with a client like usual, i just mean the torrents could be handled by Renoise itself. The files could be stored on a slower (cheaper) server host and every user who has downloaded content will then help seeding it (if the user has agreed to do so). This way hosting could be cheaper and the speeds would be greater. The users won’t have to worry about this.
Some games with a lot of downloadable content do this and it seems to work very well.

If you then have a nice new instrument in your browser you could just right click and push “upload to user content library” or something.

“i just mean the torrents could be handled by Renoise itself” - this sound like very very NOPE!

in anyway i guess this must be as 3rd party tool, because if anyone can add their sampled xrni, there would be shitload of copyrighted stuff, and i suspect renoise team itself would not be doing that.
for start, maybe someone can host that stuff??? :D

btw i can make simple hosting and option to add files, but thats it, my knowledge about “making one of super awesome internets” is very limited. so it will look lame, and only contributor there would be me :D