Ideas And Suggestion For 1.6

ideas and suggestion for 1.6:

advance Track editing

  • move up all lines, IMPORT rns, merge/split column and so on -

Ok rns 1.5 is not really here yet, but i m thinking foward. :slight_smile:
i m asking this coz i ve not found them but maybe these functions are already available on rns1.5 and i m simply blind.

first is “moving up lines”: here it s explanation.
when you import midi ( but not only…) most tracks start at half of first pattern, and all the sequence is thus traslated by Half pattern.
by using the “<- backspace” i might Delete a row, and doing so all the bottom will rise one line in the same pattern.
and that make perfect sense to me in older versions, where all pattern where indipendent.
from 1.5 on rns included this nice feature, “continous flow of pattern” where you kan edit all pattern like they were a Loooooooooooooooooooong one.
In my humble opinion when this feature is enabled, and you backspace, all the lines of the all patterns should rise… (make more sense to me)
of coz this might be useful for other thing…

an other thing might might be useful is merging / splitting columns
i think is self explicative.

and IMPORTING other .rns within a new one.
example: i did this cool melody, which is 4 pattern long and use 3 samplez. and saved as “melody.rns”. a cool drum beat 2 pattern long. ( drum.rns). then all the back ground groove and other ideas, ( 16 pattern )… now i want to make a track using some of the above ideas.( good ideas lack in my little skull, i need to spill them carefully).

can you imagine the Big pain in the ass the join the 3 track togheter?

Copy a pattern,load a new rns, past inside, save that, load back, copy pattern, load rns, paste … then again and again.
and then again load rns export rni, load new rns load them in a different slot, change all the instruments to fit the sound. and so on…
Very LONG process. with a “import solution” you might be able to INSERT where you want the whole rns without worring, in a couple of click…

i guess the “productivity ( beg this term)” will improve a lot.
if a day i feel to do many 303 line i might do as much as id like, since i know i ll be able to use them later, without headaches…