Ideas ? Comments? I Just Cant Get This Track To Work.

Curious as to what you guys think of this track.

Ive been wrestling with it for some time now its not finnished, Wondering what you guys would suggest. all criticism is welcome! <---------Song


Sounds pretty nice to me!
especially the acid line is very cool.

You could shape the distorted kicks a bit. ( the ones at the beginning and at the end)
you can find some very useful topics on this board about making nice distorted kicks. ;)

Good luck!

Love the 303 theme and the crazy breaks, they are original !

Well if you’re not inspired I’m gonna try throwing a few suggestions :

Maybe you could get back on 303 to continue your track as it really drives the progression.

I’m thinking of some variation of the theme it plays, like fastly repeating the first bars while playing with filters… while blasting crazy distorted breakbeats, just to get an apocalytic ending :D

You could also continue with a fattened (unison) version of the bassline…

You’ve inspired me! So sad I have to get some sleep :)

lovely silly tune :D … why so serious after 1:36 ? :P nvm you got it back at 2:07.

the only thing that may make that track better would be some more dynamics on the drums, kinda to make it more … not electronic. that is what I think. or just keep it like it is. :) good stuff!

spookeh and raw

perhaps the acid could use some resonance automations…


Thanks for the comments! renoise community never lets me down :)

Sounds awesome! A lot of it reminds me of AFX & Chris cunningham’s ‘monkey drummer’, although I’ve only heard a poor quality version of that.

Some awesome detail in there, and sounds crisp!

Thanks! I try to use breaks other than the Amen, im just so tired of hearing it. I use a #$%^ load of note off’s and 0 vol commands in the panning column to get the tails nice and crisp on my breakage.

xrns ploxz! (=

very nice! can’t say that i know what it lacks though. :<