Ideas From A Beginner User

hello all

  1. (this was also very tricky for me first) Go to Advanced Edit, then uncheck the option “Automation” (in “Content Mask”). As you may noticed, if you copy_paste part of a pattern in PE, it doesn’t copy any automation. Therefore, the “Automation” in the “Content Mask” panel is for copying/pasting in PM ;)
  2. You just want to combine filtered sound with original? Why the filter then? Just set different type of filter and play with cutoff, or place more filters? Or you can use some external, more advanced filters… Although the filter in Renoise has much, much to improve, I’m not missing Dry/wet slider.
  3. Lol :D I don’t know if xbox uses MIDI :P
  4. I guess this is section of ideas to NATIVE Renoise. If you want to discuss plugins all the time, you can go to KVRAudio forum :P

Have a nice day.

Wet/dry for effects can (sort-of) be accomplished with send devices.

Maybe that will be helpful to you.