Ideas On How To Use Renoise And Asr-x Pro Together

Hi everyone, the last couple of weeks have really been amazing for me in the musical sense. Upon reading about the new beta, i bought a copy of Renoise. A few days later i found an ASR-X pro hardware sampler, sequencer and fx box. Up to this point i have been treating them as seperate, and that’s been good for the asr-x cause it is a farily deep device that takes some time learning how to do all it can do.

so i would like to have them work together. I’m guessing the most obvious route is using Renoise as the sequencer and the asr-x as the sampler. I’m thinking i could also use renoise to control the fx via midi as well.

does anyone for any more incite into this or any more ideas on how to use them together?

i saw in the post your studio pics that at least one person is using an akai sampler with renoise.


Well you’re right about using Renoise as the sequencer. I’ve owned an ASR-X PRO for years and haven’t used it much since the first several months. The reason is that it’s terrible at anything other than actually sampling. The effects are also pretty good if you need something to provide the basics like reverb,chorus externally to save processing power.

But, I don’t think it’s the best machine to use combined with a computer. No drag and drop of samples is probably the biggest problem. You can’t just take a file and load it into the asr for processing. Of course you can still sample into it manually, which I do anyway with renoise from my turntable, and then have the audio out go into your soundcard with all the effects included. You can also use it as a basic midi drum controller. Beyond that I’m not too sure what you could do.
I’d be interested to see somebody think of some more creative ways to use it. I might just take mine out of it’s lonely corner and start using it again. Only reason I haven’t sold mine is sentimental value I suppose. It was my first piece of gear and I overpaid for
By the way the people using newer akai samplers have the option to drag files between the computer and the sampler. That’s what makes it easier to integrate. Or one of the things that do it at least.

Good luck

I’ve not used an asr x - but perhaps running it alongside renoise and ‘jamming’ with the 2 together may provide inspiration here and there.
Get a scsi zip drive or look into if there are any flash drive mods for it- or your gonna find it frustratingly slow.
Hardware samplers do have thier own quirks that can add or detract to the magic. Doesn’t the asr x pro have a built in drum synth?

  • if you ever go out live, having a 2nd box of tricks is almost essential - although two laptops is probably better.

thanks for the posts :drummer:

i got a scsi zip drive coming, picked up a scsi card for my computer. from my research, i should be able to connect the three together, saving sessions to the zip or floppy then which i can access from the computer. I also need to find an old IDE zip drive for the computer so i can just go back and forth with zip disks.

one should also be able to connect the computer and asr-x pro together and send samples back and forth using smdi transfer. how killer would it be if renoise could have that implemented.

programs like soundforge and at least the older versions of recyle have smdi transfer. it allows for very basic sample data back and forth. I don’t have recyle or soundforge though, so i’m looking for free alternatives for doing the transfer. (i did find a linux freeware that will do it, but trying to find a windows one)

i’m going to have to spend some time rereading about renoise’s midi out capabilities; it’s something i never really though of until now.

right now for practice i’m using the same sampled break (recorded off record) into presonus firebox, edited in audacity and then used in renoise. I also recorded that same break into the asr-x pro, and edited and i am sequencing two different versions, two different workflows.

software is alot faster, although not sure if faster always means better, esp. for someone at a basic or intermediate level, from my experience as a new guy