Ideas To Improve Handling Of Lots Of Vst/vsti's?

I’m sure most of you know the problem, the sheer amount of brilliant free plugins makes the lists for selecting them huge. So I had 2 thoughts:

1.) Read out stuff from the plugins, e.g. polyphony for instruments (that alone would be so handy!), mono/stereo for effects, etc. I don’t know what can be put into/read out of a VST and what of that is usually present, so I can’t really go deeper with that.

2.) A plugin manager! Another screen pattern/sample/envelope editors are. Creating folders and subfolders, putting instruments/effects there (two separate tree structures - maybe the whole manager thingy split in two completely independent halves?), an area where info about the currently selected plugin is displayed. Custom coloring of folders maybe? Drag & drop to instrument slots/the dsp area would also be neat, but even better would be using the tree structure in the rest of the program (that would require dropdown lists with collapsable sub items, which would rock :blink:)

Okay, that’s my 2 cents so far… I know, I know, but one can dream… :P

a plugin manager… how many times have this one been there!?! i hope this wont be ignored in the next version!!!