Ideas To Spice Up Drums Live

I use Renoise to play drums (and some synths, soon) in a live band. It’s some kind of shoegaze/ambient band, now with a strong electronic component.

At the moment I have a .xrns file for every song, so what I do is to start the song and tweak with effects. I have two controllers: a Korg nanoPad and a Novation Nocturn and I’d like to find good ways to exploit them at their best.

For now, the best I did was to use the Nocturn to manage the Memory plugin. At first I put it in a send track to apply it on every drum piece, then I thought it would be cool to control every piece separately. So I have a mapping to apply the retrig to the kick only, or the snare and so on. I think it’s pretty nice, but it’s a bit boring to use the same technique on every song.

So, I’m searching for some cool ideas to use to keep me busy on the stage and to make cool noises. Suggestions?

Thanks for your help,

Signal follower and hydra is your friend here: try controlling the maximum vs minimum values on the hydra. Use it with pitch shifters and filters to nice effect, ring mod and AM. Try also modulating reverb wet dry balance. You c acheive some very nice subtle effects this way, aswell as not so subtle ones!

Also mappings to FX like DFX BufferOverride and dBlue Glitch. The more subtle and complex you can make it the better. And subtle layers and sends is nice as well.

Yes, I already (try to) use these two plugins, but sometimes they are just too unpredictable. I think I can get the most out of them in a production phase, but live I fear to mess the drums too much.