identify sample commands

[i]Hi Folks,

I’m a new user of Renoise. Have to say it is really a breath of fresh air! I Really am enjoying it.

Question - since I learn a lot by reverse-engineering the demo songs that were supplied, It would be great if I could hover the mouse button over the sample and pattern command columns, in order to see, at a glance, what commands were used for a particular effect.

Is there a way to set up Renoise to enable this?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers from NY!!!

Tom Bitondo[/i]

It would be kind of neat to have tooltips while hovering over effect commands or even while typing them, like a programmer’s IDE would have, that simply names the effect and what the params are.

Would be damn useful for dsp commands too.

I wonder how difficult it would be for the developers to add to Renoise 3.0??? They seem like they can do anything!!!

I think this would help a lot of beginners (including myself) to get around the program. It might make a lot of potential buyers swing towards the program.


Do you think there is a way to do it by using one of the Renoise tools? That’d be great.

If you carefully inspect the status bar while typing them, you get hints about the command that you are currently inserting.
If there is more info that you could use then posted, perhaps that can simply be added.

Not for hint tooltips. Tools can monitor user input on effect columns and provide dialogs when stuff is being inputted, but this removes keyboard focus from the pattern editor and that is annoying as hell. They can also send the info to the status bar instead, but frankly Renoise already does that part for sample effect commands.

Never noticed that, thanks!

You know you can right click any automatable DSP parameter and it will create a pattern command for it?
When the command is written you can go to it in the pattern, write one of the numbers or letters in the command and it will tell you what it does in the status bar.
I think it would be nice to see the same info by just selecting the single command as well though, or by hoovering above it like suggested.

Yes I realize that. My point was that after you have done that, the hover thing would make it easier to see what these commands are doing. If you have multiple dsp commands in a track it can get a little hairy.

It would be great if they could sneak this feature into the latest beta 3.0 release!!!

You could try this script for starters (updated):Attachment 4620 not found.

It is an initial start (does all sample and global commands) and needs some fine-tuning on the panning and mixer volume adjustment representation, anyone feeling to add support for DSP effects and vol/pan/del column effects, feel free to add what you can and repost.I also forgot to add some basic arpeggio table, but frankly, who is still gonna use the arpeggio command?

Wow, that would be a huge help!

Please excuse my ignorance, but how do you run a script in Renoise? There is nothing in the manual that describes that.


Simply hover the script over Renoise and drop on it, then it installs automatically.
You might need to “reload all scripts” to trigger it the first time, but i have not added any options to start or stop the script. (if you want to stop it, disable it in the tool-browser)

Thanks so much, I will try it out when I get home tonight.
I’m sure it will be a HUGE help!!!
Thanks again…

I have made one small update, the 0Xyy command was off by one.Attached updated version to the original post.

Hey vV, the script is VERY cool that you wrote. It’s already making a lot more commands and their usage a LOT clearer now.

Thanks so much and I sincerely HOPE that it is incorporated into the official 3.0 release.
It really is THAT helpful!!!

Cheers from NY.

Tom Bitondo

Hey, cool idea for a script. When “parking” the cursor on top of a command it does interfere with other status messages, though - making it impossible to read other messages printed to the status bar.
Perhaps it would be nicer to output the message just once?

For a native implementation, it could perhaps make sense if mousing over a command would display the message as a tooltip, while using the keyboard to navigate the pattern would display a status message (to avoid cluttering the interface).

It was just a very quick and dirty solution, i perhaps could use the line-notifier instead so that the statusbar only gets updated when typing the command.
More or less overruling the native message. But in that regard, there is space enough to embed that kind of behavior natively, also brings down the steep learning curve for the hex-ignorant folks.

I’m not sure if i want to see tooltips all over the place. They also don’t always disappear in some cases. Then i rather go for the extension of the native status-bar message info using the (improved) trickery i stuffed in that script.

Just wanted to say that even with the current limitations of the script, it still is very helpful.

Hopefully this will be tweaked by all of the developers and make it into the final 3.0 release. It would definitely make the learning curve a lot easier.

Thanks for writing that script, it has been helping me a lot!!!


Nice tool. Should be part of the renoise core. Great for beginners to learn the sample commands.