[IDM, Ambient] lwpss - Dreams Caught

Some sleepy ambient electronica, inspired by such artists as Boards of Canada and 36.





  1. bus rides make me sleepy (04:15)

  2. what a night (02:24)

  3. bokeh (05:07)

  4. mx-global (06:19)

  5. melancholia (with Keiss) (04:53)

  6. asleep on the bus (07:30)

  7. melancholia (23:59 Remix) (05:55)

  8. asleep on the bus (Sobrio Remix) (06:42)

  9. asleep on the bus (A Bit Longer Mix by illocanblo) (10:39)

  10. bokeh (Sonornote Love Pass Remix) (04:55)

  11. what a night (Csum Remix) (03:26)

  12. melancholia (The Kyx Remix) (03:02)

  13. bus rides make me sleepy (King Imagine Remix) (04:09)

  14. bokeh (Hobotek Green Remix) (05:02)

  15. what a night (Yrrow Remix) (02:57)

  16. bokeh (Quanthe Remix) (06:33)

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Lovely album - not just a bunch of random tracks, it really seems like a coherent whole.

And there are some great remixes in there - I especially like hobotek’s ‘green remix’ of bokeh :slight_smile:

Compliment on the release! It is very joyful and light sound that allows you to look inside and enjoy the peaceful stream of the music. The words are just out of place, it would be better to listen and float this smooth flow. Brilliant work! Russia can make deep electronic music!

Wonderful tracks!

A solid album, but one in which the remixes are often not as good as the originals.

1 Bus Rides Make me Sleepy

Calm, relaxed opening sets the mood for the song with a high lead which manages the song’s tonality. The drums enter and seem rather excited by comparison with the rest of the song, but the guidance of the main pad and lead keep it sleepier than the drums think. The track shows development with a central shift in sounds, but the overall sound is integrated toward the end.

2 What a Night

A spacious, somewhat sparse piano sound creates the envelope containing the general sonic material, backed by a soft, resonant pad. Slight but meticulous breaking of time makes the piano more lively in spirit, adding a hint of musical tension. Reminiscent of some of Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack to Deadly Care.

3 Bokeh

IDM slowed down to a pace which matches the sleepy theme of the whole. It’s an elegant sound which doesn’t feel it has to hurry to achieve musical interest because there is musical content for the brain to mull while it slowly progresses.

4 MX-global

It opens like a chant, or like the distant hum of a mumbling crowd tuned and turned to music. It feels like a state of mind, or a background piece from a slow wakening scene in a cyberpunk movie. Solitude in the crowd.

5 Melancholia (with Keiss)

This track opens with an insistent rhythm which hints at a more active conceptual role than that presented by MX-global. Intelligent use of space and silence in the track introduces a much more varied feel so that the suggestion is of the lead surrounded by varying machinery.

6 Asleep on the Bus

The promise of the first track is fructified here. The background breathes like a deep sleeper. Slow, and steady, while dreamlike elements drift over the top. The maturity of the composer really shines through in tracks like this, where the frantic urge to fill every instant with new sounds is stifled in favour of a careful examination of what sits at hand.

7 Melancholia (23:59 remix)

This version of Melancholia is a lot truer than the first to the experience of its namesake. Harsh sounds make it hard to experience the clarity of the rest, and when the drums enter they are unsettling, rather than a beat which can become comfortable. Conceptually a very fine interpretation of the lead concept. This is ambient, one might say, but it is not comfortable.

8 Asleep on the Bus (Sobrio remix)

This remix favours the dreamlike elements. The sounds and rhythms of the bus ride seem to intrude on a series of other thematic elements. This is doubtless intentional since sleeping on a mode of public transport does not constitute true repose. The truncated end is like a sudden awakening.

9 Asleep on the Bus (A bit longer mix by illocanblo)

This mix opens with what seems to be the slide into slumber, treated delicately as a new background including the pulsing drum gradually takes the stage. Tonality doesn’t shift, but is compromised by some of the dissonances which are gently introduced.

10 Bokeh (Sonornote Love Pass remix)

This remix doesn’t seem to work as well. The drums are more intrusive, less consistent with the ambience of the rest of the album.

11 What a Night (Csum remix)

A lot more hectic, which in some ways seems more appropriate to the concept advertised by the title. That said, it isn’t overpowered by walls of drum and bass even though both elements feature in the mix.

12 Melancholia (The Kyx remix)

Disjointed, and rather hard to match conceptually with the title or previous treatments. Somehow this one does not work as well for me, and seems out of step with the rest of the album.

13 Bus Rides Make me Sleepy (King Imagine remix)

This track marks more of a return to the album’s general feel, and a welcome, coherent one. It induces repose without permitting mental disconnection, which is perhaps not entirely in the spirit of ambient music, but works well.

14 Bokeh (Hobotek green remix)

Blended dissonances keep the ear off balance. The drums have a role as well, with off-breakbeat skipping leading the ear on to the next moment, but they are not a constant element and escape the trap of becoming annoying.

15 What a Night (Yrrow remix)

This track is perhaps closest to being a dance track. It encapsulates a dance beat in the dreamlike content with grace, and is danceable without being overwhelmingly so. It fits better into the album than some others.

16 Bokeh (Quanthe remix)

The low rhythm at the beginning is intrusive, but is slowly de-emphasised by the introduction of other elements. Nonetheless, it could have been faded out or filtered out with little loss to the whole.

Wow, I’m flattered! Didn’t really expect such a positive reception. Thanks!

Mind if I inquire about what you used to create your pads? They’re really lovely and full sounding. Great work overall.

Thank you!

There are some xrns by me in Downloads section, you can grab them and take a look:http://forum.renoise.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&search_app=downloads&mid=8158