If There Was A Beatslicer In A Future Renoise Which Would You Prefer?

this is quite simple really…

A: all the slices are layed out on each key (like drum mapping)
B: It doesn’t matter which note you place down, you choose your slice entering some sort of code (ie, the 0901=slide1 0902=slice2 etc etc)

I will vote A!


umm not to be a pain in the ass or nothing,…

but isnt option B the same as what it is now?

apart from the recognition of the hit points.

i then vote for ’ a kick ass’ one regardless of the implementation :)



B is not what we have now… mainly because B is referring to user definable offset codes. I personally think that when user definable sample offsets are implemented, making drumkit mappings out of them would be trivial… so I chose B … but that’s just me.

Day dreaming…

How about using the keyboard like a drum-map but the data entered to the track editor has the sample offsets?

Workflow like this:
Overwrite all your F-5’s with custom pitches if you want :)

Example key layout for Beatslicer / 16:

offset: 10 30 50 70 90 B0 D0 F0  
 key: S D F G H J K L  
offset: 00 20 40 60 80 A0 C0 E0 00  
 key: Z X C V B N M , .  

Not quite consistent with how octaves line up but still very functional for beatslicing.

I believe this straightforward method is generic enough to afford a lot of control and creativity all at once.

why so many haters??? ohyeah i forgot, you bought renoise to make girly chart trance and not jungle :angry:

Nah dude, it’s cuz this is like the 13th time you start a new thread about the same subject. Not keeping it one sinlge thread is pretty annoying, even for people like me who want a beat slicer.


Actually I think threads like this are starting to peeve off some of the junglists around here ;) … mainly because the people making jungle with Renoise already have their tried and true methods down… they don’t see a need for a full featured beatslicer. I personally see some merit in it, but I think it should be done within the current paradigm of Renoise. I’d LOVE to have user definable sample offsets, as would many others, but the problem with mapping them to keyboard keys by default is that many people like to play cut drums back at different pitches. Drumkit mapping doesn’t allow for this. Also, people just don’t want to see Renoise turn into an FL clone. Renoise’s powers lie in it’s complete, meticulous control over all aspects of composition, and people want to be able to keep those attributes in everything that’s added to Renoise. Apart from all that, all the threads about the subject are unnecessary, and only serve to make the people whining for it sound noobish. Keeping it to one thread is much more productive, and I guarantee that’s why the folks upstairs decided to make a feature development subforum. I might make a suggestion to the ops however: Merging these useless clone topics to one big one (ie: “Random banter about beatslicers”) might serve to clean up these forums a bit, and discourage the posting of pointless redundant threads.

I make ‘jungle’ sometimes and wouldn’t mind a slicer.

oh so as in sliced region 1 or sliced region 2 instead of 0910 or 0920 ?

yeah, why not.

hm maybe i’m not understanding… but isn’t that option going to disallow the possibility of changing the pitch of individual hits?

i’m thinking about jungle & those snare rolls that go from a high pitch to low

anyway, i’m going for B. i like programming drums like that.


forgive me, i didn’t read all the posts :rolleyes:

i’m with BYTE-Smasher:


Don’t get me wrong though, a checkbox in the instrument panel that says “Map sample slices to keyboard” would be great :P

hm i’m ok with the actual way of “slicing” beats, but it would be a lot faster to add some kind of “locator” to the individual hits (not necesary to be automatic, IMO) and trigger them in the pattern editor with a new command like “0S##” or something, than cut the breaks manually in a wave editor ( zzz -_-) or using the 09xx effect on breaks that are too long (losing precision) without matching the tempo to the loop. The programming stays the same, while you have a lot faster way of making jungle! :lol:

that’s my humble opinion.

hMMM, i’ve changed my mind about this. If it was A. then you couldn’t pitch any of the slices up and down. with B you can

I think the theory would be like this;

open up the sample editor with your breakbeat, choose between an 8th 16th 32th 64th(!!!) auto chop. Then if you want you can move each slice-line left or right (with either snap to zero on or off) Then in the pattern editor it’s just a case of entering the code 0S (s seems like a revelvent code name to me!) 0SXX.

You’re never gonna need more than 64 slices and because xx is only 2 digits thus you can’t anyway.

Also in the sample editor is a simple attack and release slider section for each slice because once they are sliced it would be best to keep it simple and not be able to edit the slice in anyway. That would just complicate things. Mayve also a LP/HP filter control for each slide too.

I will do a cheapo MS Paint job soon to show you all.

so with the new 0S command, you’ve still got the 09 command if you want to use it.

Aren’t you forgetting a pretty fundamental fact about Renoise and other trackers?
The wonders of hexadecimal allows us to fit up to 256 values into xx :)
You say you’ll never need more than 64 slices, but it’s a mistake to assume that other people will be the same way. Better to use the maximum available range that a 2-digit hex value can provide, imho. Even then you just know there’ll be some intense people who need more than 256 slices… :D


I thought it was a joke poll making fun of the amount of hoo haa about this thing, as there was no description in the voting options…