If You Had The Chance...

…to make a song together with any artist or band you like, who would it be?
(pick only one! :D )

Britney! :D :lol:

Vittorio Nocenzi from Banco del Mutuo Soccorso.

edge of sanity

:yeah: :drummer: :guitar:

Scooter, because they really get some f****** good trance leads together all the time :D

this is a german techno-group for those who thinking “errr?” :)

speaking of scooter, i made a lil song here. It’s a parody on Scooter.
(Edit: Right click, save/target as)

It’s meant as a joke though, nothing serious.

Anywho, I’d like to make a song with Fatboy Slim… 5 years ago that is :P his new style kiiiiinda suck

Moby! :)

:lol: Is this your voice in front of the backwave??? Sounds so funny stupid :D

Now I still need to understand the vocals <_<
My norwegian or so ain´t so good :P

The vocals are by a friend of mine, he was over for a weekend about a week ago.

What he says is:

“Moped! (A scooters baby-brother) Back in the house! Can you hear me? Everybody go crazy!”

(Audience cheering)

Then he yells out for everyone to take pills, swallow them with alcohol and to stomp each other down.

Something like that :P

A Coop with Radiohead would be dope. An alternative would be richard cheese, bringing him away from all this rock-stuff to some other things.

And there are people I would just like to watch or have a chat with for learning reasons, people like dj shadow, tommy guerrero, jan jelinek, mouse on mars, dj koze.

Zero 7…

Dave Gahan or Martin L Gore - guys from Depeche Mode…


I would like to make a song together with Ian Curtis (Joy Division), but it remains a dream cause he took his life 18th of May 1980…

Hmm these are just some of the people that spring to my mind…

George Michael, Michael Jacksson, Madonna, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre…

But of these I´d most like to co op with Kraftwerk…

If you could choose dead people to I´d say Mozart…Would be very intressting to see what he would have done with a computer and Renoise B)

Either Big Bad Voodoo Daddy / Incognito / Cinematic Orchestra
or Brahms / Beethoven.

However, it’d be more interesting if after long-long years, someone said about me: “Man, I’d die for doing a coop with that guy!” :D

Lou - lovin’ her voice so much! ( LAMB )

Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr Bungle, Tomahawk etc.)

-Liam Howlett ( The Prodigy )
-John Williams (Film composer Saving private Ryan, Jaws ,Starwars, Schindler`s list …)

  • lots more

No.1 Mozart

Liam Howlett (right now or when he was about to make Music For The Jilted Generation)

DJ Shadow or Tom Morello (or even whole the Rage Against The Machine when they were playing together)

Chemical Brothers (when they were about to make Dig Your Own Hole)

and pretty a lot more…

I’d pick Gabriel le mar (german producer, did lotsa cool dub-tunes)
or the chemical bros. as well.