If you were stuck for eternity with 1 track, what would it be?

I asked the same question on Chipmusic.org about chiptune track and result are fun to watch, so i am asking you guys too !

Here is the Chipmusic Thread : http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/15040/if-you-were-stuck-for-eternity-with-1-chiptune-song-what-would-it-be/

Going to assume you can’t count songs that are broken into multiple tracks on the album even though the artists calls them “one song.” Gotta go big, so this:

Hm, I just hope it won’t be Mambo #5. If I can pick one by myself, it’s “Music For 18 Musicians” by Steve Reich.

silence by john cage

I`d go with this

or this

If I needed a personal theme tune, I`d like this one

:smiley: Every song which was slowed down with paul stretch.

Verklarte Nacht by Arnold Schoenberg.

“Music For 18 Musicians” by Steve Reich.

good call


vordhobsn(on drucks) by aphex twin or eight(on alright) by bogdan raczynski

Man I can’t decide between https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Usqwy2-E4SE


http://longplayer.org - set for life

would be a nice quest to create that exact track in Renoise, with heavy use of the Y command, random LFOs and such, so it never gets boring. (maybe even a beatles tune will come out of it at some point, like that thing with the monkey typists. Or one could set the timing so it has a 24 hour rythm, with ambient soundscapes at night and asskicking rythms during the day. Just in case one would be stuck for eternity in a cave where there is no sunlight. You never know…) Other than that I’d vote for this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU0ZfhYD99E

LULL “Slow like a river”

Hey i need to revive this thread i didnt even anwser to my question :stuck_out_tongue:

here is my song :

I thought you meant renoise sequencer tracks so I was thinking in terms of kicks, snares, hats and junk… In that case I would pick the noise with lowest velocity… Perhaps some background pads… Gash, eternity is a pretty long time.

Peace from Sweden btw.

According to my bad karma, it would be one of my unfinished tracks. And lots of versions of it. Then in mayhem having to listen to that crap over and over, thoughtbound to trying to improve the sound while it actually gets worse and worse from those ideas. Pah damn those suckers that invented the concept of “eternal flames of hell” in one or another religion…

This on eternal repeat: