Ignore marked rows (pattern independent)

(dblue) #21

Muting blocks in the Pattern Matrix works in a similar way, so you can re-use the same pattern over and over, then use mutes to create unique sections within your song.

So one technique I often use is to split my bass/melody/drum/whatever over a few different tracks: one track for the main bulk of the melody or pattern, then a few extra tracks to handle any fills or other note flourishes that I only want to play at the end of certain patterns (every X bars, for example).

I group all of those into one group track and make sure that the necessary instrument output routings all go into that group for any addition DSP/VST processing I want. Then from the Pattern Matrix I can simply mute/unmute the blocks for those fill tracks whenever I need to, allowing me to pretty much contain an entire song in a single pattern if I really wanted to.

Quick example: 2019-02-20-mute-blocks.xrns (1.2 MB)

Really no need for tools or anything complex to handle something incredibly simple like this, imho. Remember: Sometimes less is more! :slight_smile: