Ignore specific MIDI velocities?

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I know renoise can ignore specific controllers, but is it possible to make it ignore specific velocities (not all velocities)?

Anything below 11 I want to be ignored.

This is nothing to do with Spinal Tap

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You could of course change the keyzone layout, but that would probably not be practical to do for every single instrument.
The alternative is to pass the MIDI through something like PD, using a virtual MIDI cable:

4918 pd-note-velocity.gif

The above patch will ignore any note with a velocity below 11, excerpt note-off (velocity of 0).

Ah…I have written a very similar patch in Max/MSP! The keyzone thing works perfectly for samples, I guess for VSTs I will have to use the patch and MIDI YOKE.

Thanks for your help

Im interested in trying PD,cos my Max/MSP patch crashes after about 5 mins every time. I`m using a midi guitar and each time you press a fret button it outputs that note at a velocity of 16 (not 10 as I originally stated)

I want it to transmit only when I strum the strings: velocity of 0-127

How do you ignore one incoming velocity number?

I have used the select box in my patch and have set the midi channel on the output - each string sends on an individual channel otherwise

Well, you could modify my patch, using the ‘select’ object (yes, PD also has such a one).
Then, depending on whether 16 was actually matched or not, you would output the MIDI note.

The patch would be similar to the one I provided, a bit simpler even as there is no longer the need to pass “0” velocity through
(you would insert the select instead of the moses objects).