IK Multimedia T-Racks plugs sometimes don`t initialise properly

This seems to happen fairly regularly and doesn`t seem song dependent:

After loading songs that have T-racks plugins sometimes the audio is stopped/ blocked at a T-racks device. So if the device is on the master track renoise outputs no audio. To solve it you need to disable then re-enable the plug and it works properly again, allowing audio through.

Which version of the Tracks PLugins do you use? I dont have any issues. Using CS version 64bit with renoise 64bit.

Currently using the 32bit in 32 bit renoise (windows 7 - 64bit)

Im In the process of migrating to 64bit renoise + plugs now though. Ill report back if the problem persists with all 64bit once the TRacks 64`s are installed.

Now confirmed to still occur with all 64bit: Windows 7 / Renoise / T-Racks

Can you upload a test song here, where this bug is easily reproducible? So i can try this on my system. I can load the default Tracks 3 and Tracks CS plugins.

It`s not reliably reproducable as far as I can tell, but seems to happen on varying songs with the plugins. Sometimes it will be the bus compressor, other times the precision compressor or an EQ.

I`ll post something if I can narrow it down.