Ill/wonky Mix

DJing next friday so i made a mix today of the material i’m gonna play. Artists included: Lukid, Hudson Mohawke, Samiyam, Team Shadetek, Milanese, Flying Lotus, Machinedrum, Prefuse 73, Autechre. A lot of the same artists recur throughout the mix.

enjoy :D

180 bpm.

know any other artists that sound like this? lemme know.

Now that’s a nice list of artists!

I think I can only recomend some artists you might already know:
Bola, Boards of Canada, Jackson and his Computerband, Beans.

Nice Illmix!
It’s on my ipod.

Yes mate! Love it! Can we get a track list?

I’d recommend Ras G and Tipper (check out his album The Wobble Factor)

I’m thinking of playing this kind of stuff for my set at Beach Break festival. I love how the sound doesn’t have an accepted name yet. I hope it never has one!

rustie, zomby, starkey, boxcutter type stuff, from the more wonky side of dubstep?

also, i haven’t heard it, but this cd might be of interest:

Rad mix.
Yeah, I was going to say tipper too.
Sometimes he’s a bit too breaksy, but there’s some real nice tech hip hop stuff.

Also check out eDIT maybe.

Lukid - Time Doing So Mean
Lukid - Isis
Hudson Mohawke - B Monde
Samiyam - Moon Shoes
Team Shadetek - Menthol
Samiyam - It’s Important
Milanese - Cognac
Flying Lotus - Beginners Falafel
Lukid - Light Up
Machine Drum - Let It
Machine Drum - Brighty
Prefuse 73 - Whipcream Eyepatch
Samiyam - Lookin’
Samiyam - Snake Cola
Autechre - Ccec
Hudson Mohawke - Come Get It
Hudson Mohawke - Jelly ‘n’ Jam
Samiyam - Return
Machine Drum - Currents
Machine Drum - Conconcon
Machine Drum - Jelly Jelly
Machine Drum - In The Dust

glad everyone likes it! there are not enough artists doing this sound. i’m on it :) i made this tune the other day: “mr. definitely”

listening to your tune, kid606s remix of straight of compton might be of interest

also, since your familiar with shadetek im assuming you know dj rupture. everyone should, gold teeth theif is one of the greatest mixes in history, and you can get it from his blog for free here:

Is this not just sort’ve trip hop really?