I'm Curious.

I’m very curious about the progress and would love to see what’s in the making, when it comes to upcoming Renoise Versions. What’s planned and what is being tested or tryed by the Devs? Maybe not on a dayly basis but once in a while just to get a feeling of what’s to come.

I like trying out the betas when they are released, but between that everything seems too quiet, and just some minor mentioning of what’s going on can be read on scattered places in the forums.

I would like to know wich feature’s are being tested, wich bugs annoys the devs most, and what technical problems they are struggling with. Or maybe even when there’s no progress at all.

Well i can at least tell something:
Nothing interesting is happening till after the holidays.
Taktik is just enjoying a very long holiday at the Bahama’s at the moment.

And still he responds to my bugreports …only a developer takes his laptop on holiday B)

Beside of what baintai already pointed out:

We would simply like to keep the stress factor as small as possible for us. Releasing full milestone maps would also mean that we can not easily change them in between (which is a freedom we currently have), and would change all the "I want that"s to "Why isn’t that here"s. Releases should be like Christmas (except that they do not fall on a specific date).

We of course have feature milestone maps and do discuss them constantly in our small renoise-dev group/forum (beside testing the new features). But things often change, features are skipped, removed, changed completely. Thats nothing we could offer as a real roadmap.

About the 2.0 release:

As already said somewhere else. 2.0 is a 1.x roundup release. Dont expect things like an arranger or pianoroll there, but nevertheless there will be plenty of new stuff. After the 2.0 release, we will start with our regged user feature polls again, to decide how to the biggies like the arranger, rewire, new XRNI structure and so on. This roundup is simply needed before new concepts and tools arrive.

One more thing I can tell you about the 2.0 release without telling too much: We got tree big milestones for 2.0 and are currently starting the third. So it will take some more time until the first beta is released but there already is a lot to play with ;)


Guys, any ideas what those ‘three big milestones’ might be, if it’s not arranger, rewire or XRNS?
Improved resolution comes to my mind, but what else?

;) I’m not expecting too many changes but just out of curiousity wants to know a little bit about the progress, without revealing too much. Like you said. Could be something as simple as: “we’re trying out a new feature that would make note editing easier.” or Maybe just: -“I found this feature in another program or read something about this and that which sounds interesting, maybe something Renoise could benefit from and adopt”. Or even as simple as: -“No progress this week at all, too many parties lately, Hungover” or -“Is there a way to re-write Renoise in LOL-code?”. LOLCODE homepage :P


  1. New icon, bigger R. A team of 7 people working on this one so expect the best R ever.
  2. Optional smaller R icon (only 2 people working on this one)
  3. Cleaning the pixels of the current R icon, each pixel takes about a week to clean.

Or Nibbles in 3D. ;)



YAY! … wait, you mean nibbles, right?


… seriously though guys, keep Renoise releases like a magical holidayz. No dev blog kthx. I’m perfectly fine just noticing hints dropped here and there, wondering what’s to come.

renoise snake wouldd be the best game - eat the pattern data whilst avoiding the ‘OFF’ commands whilst the patterns run! - expert mode any vsnares track on speed 1

:D whahahah

+1 for this idea

That there is just plain cruel!

Bring Back The Clock!

what is a tree milestone? :(

For real? It’s “three” with a spelling mistake as indicated by the word “third” near the end of the sentence.

being very serious, i thought it was a horrible misspelling of “two” assuming “we got” meant “we have completed”

Not all features in 2.0 have been discussed here in the past as wish or idea.
Don’t bring down the surprise element…

I had shed a few tears in the past as “alpha tester” as well… lost work thanks to my stupid personal non-backup policy… So being an Alpha tester also comes with a price if you don’t secure yourself.

But the Beta testing phase is still the major testing phase, more folks testing out the new thing because over a hundred different workflow techniques are released at the beast which makes bugs crawl faster and more obvious to the surface.
So believe me, we need Beta testers very badly to squeeze out the majority of the problems.

The only feature I really want right now is a side-channel for the compressors and gates… I tried to do that the other night and disappointed myself…

I would like to think a sidechaining device is implemented in 2.0, seeing the gazillion threads about this last year :slight_smile:

Also, I have a feeling we will finally be able to send midi signals to vst effects (-> vocoders)

Though, these are probably the least saliva inducing new features.