I'm getting my compy back!

So this is going to be a stupid topic, but i just wanted to mention how excited i am to be getting my beloved compy back. It’s been locked in storage for the past year due to a few epic life changes. Moving to another city, new career and some other isht. I’m excited to start making music on a regular basis again. I don’t take myself too seriously as a musician at the moment (on second thought i don’t take anything seriously.). Most of the time i would just put some beats together to calm down (or distract myself) at the end of the day. But the amount of time i spent away from my computer made me realize how much i miss making a bit of music each day. Even if it was a measly 32 bars at a time.

If my compy transport goes well i should be up and running by noon (pac time) tomorrow. The couple things I’m wondering is who’s down to do some collab and who’s down to play some videogames? I’ve got Starcaft 2 and I’m considering picking up Diablo 3 or Guild Warz 2 if my comp can handle it. If not that, are there any Minecrafters or D&Ders in here?