I'm Happy To Report...

That Renoise and all my VSTi plugins work fine on a 64-bit CPU with 32-bit emulation. :)
I’m running an Athlon FX-53 overclocked to 2.52GHz and playing a song the CPU usage is usually under 10%. :lol:

so you say you’re running a CPU being worth around 820EUR? - ok, you should really get something for your money, but i don’t think the actual performance you get justifies the high price.
and oh, you’re playing the wrong songs apparently ;)

but grats on your new rig, should be fun nonetheless. :)

No, I didn’t buy that just for Renoise. :P
I’m also a big gamer, I run SETI and I start a 2-year programming course in college in September so I thought it would be good to have a 64-bit CPU ready for XP-64 & Longhorn.
It’s a lot of money but I don’t plan on upgrading again for a long, long time. ;)

I’ll go for one of those pretty soon m8! :P

So, is THIS the side effect that 64 bit has on Renoise?
Drastically lowering cpu usage?
Sounds SO sweet :P

:lol: sorry, I had to LOL at this :)

a faster CPU won’t turn you into a better coder. The viceversa is quite true ;)

richard, would you mind me sending you some kind of a “test-tune” for benchmarking purposes?
would be quite interesting (at least for me) to see how your little sucker compares to my P4 3,5Ghz in terms of CPU load with a specific tune.
so if you got the time, please let me know so i can send you that sample :P

what’s the purpose of getting such an expensive CPU as it will be cheaper when you’ll get your hands on XP-64 ?

i’d like to know how it would react to my renoise tunes though :unsure:

i read on the register the other day that Athlon64 prices are down up 30% this week. i’m all over a 64-bit cpu… as soon as i buy a new car… :(

Sure, mail it to richard (at) richardm.co.uk :)

allright, will do so tomorrow :)

Looking forward to it, be warned though - I’ve come above P4s overclocked to 4.2GHz in benchmarks so far. :o :lol:

hehe, you sure will smoke my 2.8@3.5 P4 HT, would be a shame if your 700EUR+ CPU wouldn’t do so with my 180EUR counterpart.
all i wanna know is to what extend it will perform better, so here we go :D

>> download test tune << [755kb / RAR]

everybody else interested in comparing, post your CPU load with this tune and your system specs here.

cpu load: jumping between 80.8 - 81.2%
system: P4 2.8@3.5Ghz, 250mhz FSB, 1024MB PC500 DDR 1:1, Radeon9700pro, P4C800-E DLX

I did a quick test now and there are some factors you can control for changing the results. For example:

With discop shown:
Processing buffer size 1024: 60%
Processing buffer size 128: 70%

With track scopes shown:
Processing buffer size 1024: 62%
Processing buffer size 128: 72%

Also the window size has a certain effect. And then I guess ASIO contra DX is a difference. And then the big factor: samplerate.

@11k I have 17%
@48k I have 77%
@96k I cannot even play the song

I’m wonder where problem is, keith.
On my Athlon 2500+ it runs without lacks at 22 khz. :)

ouch, yes you’re right.
forgot about all these factors.

so my values rely on the following settings:
track scopes = shown
pattern follow = enabled
samplerate = 48khz
processingbuffersize = 512
device type = ASIO (powered by “ASIO4ALL driver”)
latency = 15ms
window size = fullscreen (1024x768)
soundcard = soundmax integrated audio (onboard) using s/pdif coax-out.

CPU Load measured by renoise in the upper right corner = 80.8-81.2%

what’s your system spec, johan?

pump it up for 48khz. hehe :walkman:

Pretty insane test tune. On my Athlon 2400+ it uses 100% and sounds like my hat if it was high :blink:

:panic: <-- imagine fitting a hat on this dude and you know what i mean.

Latency: 11ms
Frequency: 44khz
Buffer: 512
Soundcard: Terratec EWX 24/96
PC: P4 3ghz FSB800 with 1024MB RAM, Windows XP
Scree: 102476816b, both windowed and fullscreen

Max CPU Load: 92%

Plays almost flawlessy

(sucking soundcard I got)

Just to clarify: You use 10024x768x16 in fullscreen? That’s why I did now. Soo… here goes…


on an Athlon 64bit 3400+ (2200MHz)
1.5Gb RAM
SCSI drives
Sound blaster AudioPCI (some old crappy card)
DirectX @ any latency (doesn’t affect CPU for me)
Win 2000

I’m at work now so I don’t know FSB and RAM type. And I have no possibility to try ASIO. I’m not sure I even dare to try this at home… :)

The value is taken from Renoise’ CPU meter, not from the task manager.