I'm Lookin For A "music Box" Instrument


I’m looking for a good “music box”-like instrument that I can use with Renoise. You know, the kind of sound that you can hear when you open that old jewelery box with spinning ballerina :)

Anyone knows of any good instruments of that sort?


plugsound free has a nice music box.
Don’t forget to apply a band-pass filter (filter-2) to get this authentic box ambience.

I wonder what other sources are around…

Thanks a lot. This is exactly what I was looking for. As a bonus, there are more good quality instruments in that plug-in.

  • Tomasz

Just got it recently. I’m not very satisfied with the acoustic piano’s in that set but the music box is quite nice. Probably one of the better ones I’ve heard to date. Great choice.

i got a cheap music box from a snow globe, thanks wal-mart, and opened it up.
limited the rotation with my finger¹ so that i could record each note and then mapped them out in renoise.
used it some in this track
i recommend it, they all sound different

field recorder + renoise = :drummer: :guitar: :dribble:

¹ a science finger

I cant get a hold on this, kvr sends me to a place where I need a log on, how did you get this thing ? looks pretty cool



one out of hundred…

Here’s a hard link, was very tough to find though (needed the webarchive)

Thanx Vv :)