I'm looking for remixers!

Hi all!

It’s not such a long time when i asked You for your opinion on my track “Deep Inside” ( http://www.mp3.com/sexygirl ).

I got a lots of feedback… Those more positive of You were speaking about the deep atmosphere of my track.

That’s why i’m writing here now… I want to connect my dephtness and other people’s talent.

I think that it could be very interesting to get connected with some tallented Deep House or Downtempo producer!

I think that deeply structured track going hand in hand with some femalish depthness is what the scene’s missing.

I stop speaking now.

Simply check my track on http://www.mp3.com/sexygirl and let me know if You’re interested in remixing it. I’ll send You samples than and i’ll wait for results.

Contact me on e-mail senia@seznam.cz …

I would be very happy if i could feature the best remixes on my website!

That’s all folks!

I’m sorry for my English…

Yours faithfully

Ksenia Besprozvannykh

** http://www.mp3.com/sexygirl **
** senia@seznam.cz **

Well I downloaded the track entitled “Deep Inside”, but I don’t see it as being much of a track to remix? It sounds incomplete to begin with, only sounding like a 54 second long ambient wave file. :unsure: Why not add some more musical content before asking for remixes? It could just be me too, however. I just wouldn’t know where to begin were I to remix it. :)

I haven’t heard the track yet, will do tomorrow and might even start thinking about some kind of way to remix it (deephouse is sweet… ;), but if it’s like most ppl say, that it’s more of a “feeling” rather than a track, then you might not need to look for a remixer, but rather somebody to complete your track…

Heck, I’ve got TONS of incomplete music! I should know! :rolleyes:

Okay, heard it and really liked it! But, it’s not a finished song… It’s a very nice intro for either deephouse or maybe some d&b (that’s what I pictured anyway) so if you upload the samples, or preferably made the .RNS-file available I would love to do my part to make it more of a full length song! :) My mail adress for big files is sagosen@myrealbox.com

Yes apparently it’s what the scene has been missing all this time. Thank the heavens for sending sexygirl!