I'm New Here

Hi people

I recently downloaded a demo of Renoise and was quite impressed with it.
I havent delved into it, there’s quite a bit I havent worked out how to do yet.

I would be grateful if someone could answer a few questions:

  1. How well do NI softsynths run on Renoise?
    Sorry, if this seems dumbs but Absynth etc. are highly graphical, and Renoise well… isnt.

  2. I might want to use Spectrasonics Trilogy or Stylus within it, again is that possible? Anyone got any experience doing this.

  3. Rendering, what exactly is it?
    I’m guessing that once you have your song with all the patterns, samples etc, you hit the render button, and then a while later you get the song as a wav, or wavs, all there with effects etc in perfect timing. Is this right?


Yes, it works exactly as you say. :)

Almost all major VSTi’s works with Renoise. What I have noticed so far, only some more advanced features of the VST 2.0 protocol isn’t implemented yet, such as for example MIDI Output. There is also reported small issues with some specific VSTi’s from time to time, but the developers use to fix this pretty quick if it is reported as a bug… so I say: no need to worry ;)

Thanks for the replies.

Does renoise have any limitations on polyphony, tracks, multis etc??

Thanks again.

Polyphony for one singel instace of a VSTi’s is today limited to the number of colums you can have in a track in renoise. This number of columns you can use is today 10, I do not realy know why it isn’t atleast 16 but I guess this is just an old formal thing that will be changed in later versions.
You can today have 64 tracks (with 10 columns in each).
When it comes to multitimbral VSTi’s you can read more about it in this thread…t=ST&f=6&t=1401

this is not always true: the real limit is the VSTi poliphony, as notes can overlap each others: the mixing is completely made by the VSTi, which only sends out one mixed audio output.

you can send a maximum of 10 new notes at the same time, but this is quite different.

[quote name=‘It-Alien’]

If I’m not totaly talking through my hat then a played note gets a note off when another note is played at the same column, wich in practice means that the polyphony for one VSTi instance is 10…

no :)

it depends on how the VSTi handles voices.

If there is as you are saying there would not be any possible way to turn of a playing note on a column that is already overlapped…Ofcourse it can be more tones than 10 just within the scope opf the overlapping but , as I already said, in practice the polyphony for one VSTi instance will be 10… wich means you can’t for example take 2 Cmaj11 at the same time… and that is a limit that lies in Renoise, not in the VSTi, and that was what Cydonia asked about, limitations in Renosie, not in VSTi’s…

Or shall I maybe put it in this way: You can not use the full capability of VSTi’s that supports more than 10 tones polyphony cause you can not have more than 10 notes playing at the same time for one instance of a VSTi in renoise. Ofcourse you can use more instance if you like, but that is kind of clumsy… So the best would be if it was posible to have more columns implemented in Renoise…

satisfied <_<