I'm not disappeared

I don’t really know if you’re asking yourself such a question… but in case you are I should better explain… :)

I started a long tour of Italy, helping as “Production assistance”.
This tour is building and dismounting an entire turistic village each week and I follow one of the main producers along the 8 steps we’ll take around Italy. We’re touching the most known turistic locations around and the whole stuff travels packed of popular events like the national beach soccer campionship, tv popstars, lot of animation…

Actually we visited Rimini… then Fregene… now I’m writing you from the ADSL technology demonstration stand in our area in San Felice Circeo…
This whole story will last untill 17 August… it seems unreal… I’m SO tired… :D

Cheers to everyone, see ya soon :wub: :lol:

We can’t have you go dissapearing like that, hurry back and play with your new renoise version :)

have fun

//edit: just removed that mega quote block , hehe…

well, i was wondering :)

hope your having fun

I was indeed asking myself where the hell you were.
Searched for you on ICQ aswell…

ok see you on august the 17th, and don’t get late (but get laid ;) )



LOL!!! :D :D :D :D

Looking forward to seing you again…

Ok now it’s my turn to disappear:
I’ll be on vacation from today to August, the 24th.

Probably I will find ReNoise 1.27 released when I will come back :wub:

I hope you all will spend some great time wherever and whenever you will have your holidays.


I had enough with sea :wacko:

I had some great time with my friends, but I really hate sea so much, so I came back home after 5 very funny days, because I’ve seen that the other 10 days would have not be funny like the first 5 days…

Most of you will say I’m mad… oh well, who cares :)

I often have the felling that something has reached its maximum and can’t be better in the future, so it’s better to skip it.

ok I’m mad :rolleyes: