I'm Off

Hi everyone! I’m off to India tomorrow for 4 weeks vacation :D

So I’ll be completely without Renoise forum for a looong time. And I will miss the alpha testing… Hope I’ll cope with life anyway somehow :) Though it will be hard…

cu in some weeks!


Sounds like a very cool vacation! Have a wicked time and don`t forget the suntan lotion B)

Johan goes Goa!!!

Travelling is living as H.C. Andersen once famously said, but then again, i don’t think he ever been to India and experience heavy diarea :lol:

Have a nice trip.

Good luck, have fun :)

I was in India earlier this summer.
I left on the very same day as the heavy monsoon started in Calcutta. :o
It was the biggest monsoon in like 20 years. Two days later the whole city was under water. :ph34r:
Its a crazy country, but the people are very nice.

Yeah… and the heavy diarea is mandatory. :D