I'm Starting An Internet Radio Station For Tracker Music

me and my friends have decided to start an internet radio station to promote are selfs and are group.
Since self promotion is the point we were just going to play are stuff. but then we talked about it and we decided that was kinda lame so were going to take submissions and play other peoples stuff to. but we haven’t been able to figure out exactly how or in what ratio we want to play others verses ares music right. so i basically wanted to come on here and open a discussion about it because i was hopeing you guys would be interested and might be able to help use develop an idea of how we will solve this problem.

are group is the A.M.P astralis music productions
we are based in salem oregon
are members have not done much outside of are respective local seen … their might be a few songs on the internet floating around some where

of coarse we don’t really plan to make any money…nor do i think we will really be able to
we may attempt to sell some cds of are group to pay some of the server costs at some point but thats about it
we also on rare occasions may play music made with other software if some one we know and like made it…not often

the station will be more music centered then demo centered so i guess in that way its will differ at times from Nectarine

I put some of one of are members music up on myspace… most of its old though http://www.myspace.com/nebulusamp check it out

thanks guys later

Good idea. I’d certainly submit some tunes. Have you a website and a stream set up?

no not yet. the end of next month is the expected up date for the station but we will see. shoutcast is almost diffently how will go. were looking at servers right now. we are hopeing we can sell enough cds to not have to pay for it out of are own pockets but if not we probably will use the money from are jobs as long as its feasible.
really i guess we just want to do some thing with are art and are lives thats cool

You got my blessings.

english lesson here.
the word is our not are

hmmm i will start the same project))) in my web site in next month)))
but for music makers and djs)

music makers what do you mean?
whats your web site?

we have some modeles where producers will post him liks user will vote for the best track. and best track will be playes at internet radio

yeah i’m glad you mentioned that i’ve been meaning to try and find out about the software thats avalible
to do some thing like that. what are you using?
also are you going to be paying for a server or are you going to try to setup your own?

i guess actually first i should ask how automated your system is going to be

i am web developer and i have write some modules by my self)
in the server for radio winamp software as i know

and i dont understand what automation you mean in the radio or in web page?

as in
do you count the votes yourself
or does the program count them and then play music acordingly

ohh understand i have write script.
And in my website will be showed all members and people will vote.

and in the radio i will create play list

They sound very similar when spoken in certain accents though, don’t they?

Some people have a problem with reading and writing, as these are acquired skills. In English we also use an uppercase letter at the start of every sentence and prefer to punctuate sentences to read like they are spoken


thanks man. thats the only time i’ve seen anyoone say any thing about spelling or grammar on the internet

some people believe that the inconsistencies in english grammar and spelling are causing higher number
of Dyslexia in english speaking countrys look it up

oh and send us some music