I'M Stumped

i tried before i asked on the boards but i’m stumped. where’d the panel where the vol, pan, dly buttons go? the "Q"uantize button too? it was there on my demo copy. it’s not on the any of the screeensets either.

any help appreciated.

if you can’t find them, then probabyl you have downloaded the wrong version of Renoise from the backstage site. You can also download earlier versions of Renoise from there, so you have probably picked the wrong link. Can you verify that you are running version 2.6.1?

if so, then you have probably opened a view different than pattern editor. In such case, press F1 to make it reappear

As It-Alien has suggested… first make sure you’re actually using the latest version of Renoise.

The panel got moved in Renoise 2.5, so assuming that you’re using any recent version of Renoise (2.5 and above), then you should be able to find it positioned just below the Pattern Editor:

still stumped.

i’ve confirmed that i’m on 2.6.1 but f1 still doesn’t bring me the area where Q, vol,pan,delay should reside. i especially miss the step editor which allows me to scroll and input down the pattern editor in predetermined steps.

i’m downloading it now for a third time and i noticed that once i click on the latest stable version of renoise of Mac OS X Universal it says only 2.6. i’m wondering if this isn’t the problem. the weird thing is that once downloaded it registers as 2.6.1.
still can’t make the Q button appear.

Focus on Pattern Editor, Right Click -> Show Control Panel

if i knew how to make annotated gifs or even screenshots you’d see that the f buttons or screenset buttons on the upper right don’t work.

Ah… beat me to it :)

BINGO! that did it. thanks 00.1!

today I have learned that the control panel can be hidden :)

LOL, didn’t want to come over like a veteran N00B but yes, I also didn’t know this :)

I figured this out a while ago when i had the same problem, but also already had forgotten about it again.

Beauty of Renoise! I been using it for 2 years and learning new stuff almost very time I start a new song!

so bottom line is, new users keep us sharp.
Thanks every one that uses Renoise, and remember, there are no dumb questions, maybe only dumb awnsers :)

That’s correct.
Just a pity Renoise is starting to grow over our heads…