Im Waiting For Renoise X64 :)

i think its wonderfull idea :D


this one is compiled for 64bits:

Unfortunately, my Line-environment can’t handle it.


Yeah, Line for Windows as Wine for Linux.

It is a great idea, but i am glad renoise is not proclaiming it prematurely. i ain’t seen so many bsods since win98 as ive seen trying to use 64 bit plugs in daws that ‘support’ them. cakewalk’s daw works ok, but otherwise, man, it sucks in win7 for me with 64 bit.
what had been working for you?

My 8 Gigs should like this :)
be patient it will come.

Yeah, well, I’ve never tried that one. But I have other issues as well, primarily that the 64 bit driver for my audio interface seems to be horrid with win7. Sucks for me, i guess.

I’d like it :)

+1 for 64bit

As a long time tracker, since 1992 I cannot for the life of me leave them, I love Renoise! I couldn’t imagine writing melodies and especially drums in a piano roll type editor puke or a step sequencer or whatever those things are called.

However, I am starting to get involved with bigger projects, the current song I’m working on now has about 38 tracks, 80 DSPs (internal and VST) and I’m making use of Kontakt’s libraries as well as multiple guitar tracks fed through Guitar Rig and many other things. The current song sees renoise.exe using 2.6GB of ram!

64bit is essential for me, I’m already looking at upgrading to a Core i7 because my Q6600 is starting to give me the finger because of complexity of my projects.

I really hope the Renoise devs are taking the 64bit thing seriously, I’m not trying to be rude, Renoise gives me HUGE amount of win for the price, support and features but I do think Renoise needs to catch up with some of the more mainstream features (I’ll list some in a post sometime) if it wants to attract more mainstream users, which would in turn give the devs more cash and it’s users better features to play with!

Sorry to go OT, but what audio itnerface are you using?

I suspect SE will be 64bit before Renoise (there are already 64bit and vst3 versions doing the rounds)