I have an old IMac ( the cute green bulky monitor ). The OS upgraded to 9.24, DVD-Rom, and the max amount of ram it can handle. I was hoping it could useful for routing MIDI, but I gotta say, the thing is useless =\

The most I really can do with it is music playback with Macamp, monitor mixes through headphones with the stereo out, and play Doom. I highly doubt this machine could handle OS X, so does anyone here know anything I can do to make use out of this obsolete machine? If not, my kitty would probably like a new cat bed.

Heard about Milky Tracker? - it works on my jornada handheld and amiga so i think your imac should be strong enough

seems to be mac os x only…this guy needs mac os classic…

i too would like to know if anyone has any ideas of any useful way to use one of these. i’ve heard a lot of ideas that would work but nothing really worth the effort to even fire up another computer aside from the one i do my main work on.

one thing i can think of is to use it to run Rebirth! make some cheesy 90’s computer acid!

doesn’t run on OS X, but it will run on classic.

Try PlayerPRO:

It was the de-facto Mac Classic tracker back in the day, and has been open source for a few years now.

Sorry then… im an ignorant :unsure: