Implement A Audio Line In?

Is there any plans to implement a audio line in? so I can use all my synths at all my 5 stereo line in & use dsp effects at the inputs?

I used to use sonar when I composed my music, but you can´t compare this tracker to sonar, caus this is like dynamite comparing to sonar, disregard audio line function.

So is there any plans?

Thanx for a awsome tracker.


This has been suggested before and I believe it will be implemented sometime in the future but full audio capabilites are not in the plans for 1.6 it seems.

In the meantime you could try using energyXT as a VST plug in renoise using its audio capabilites. The demo is free to try.

There is also channel grabber from tobybear which is donationware. I don`t know if it will do all you want though but may be worth a look. Also there were some troubles with this plug in renoise but if you manage to get it working others may be interested to see how you got on.

The last thing I can think of is maybe using midiyoke, to sync sonar to renoise. I can`t help you on this though as I do not have sonar but there is a thread here which might be helpful which explains the procedure with cubase (the renoise side of it must be similar):…8102928cb528709

Also thread with explaination of syncing XT sequencer to renoise contained that may be useful:…8102928cb528709

hope one of these can tide you over :) and welcome to renoise!

EDIT: I see the XT tips I have put in the other thread are slightly out of date now with its latest beta, You need to access the sequencer mixer by pressing F9 to access the master functions. Any q`s on this method anyhow post them in this thread and I will do my best to help.

Hi Ledger.
Thank you so much for your wery good well explained reply! :)
going to try using the vst today, coming back with results :)

Greetíngs Dennis

mindbeat you can always vote if you’re a registered user for ReWire support or audio recording in the sample editor.

With energyXT, I haven’t gotten audio input to work in Renoise, but it does work in other hosts that enable audio input to be routed to a VST(i).

The Energy XT and channel grabber didn´t work for me…
Has any one success to enable the audio inputs through Energy XT?

Hi again,

Its a shame this was not able to work, I have just tried to set up channel grabber with XT on my system for this purpose but for some reason in channel grabber 2.0 the functionality for line in recording has been removed.

I will see if there is any other way around this.

an audio in would be a great sollution untill the sampling is ready.
besides the sampling can be done by programs like channel grabber till then.

audio in… jep it’s needed, at least by me, but I didn’t focus much on ReWire. it should provide a sollution as well?

Agree, if this was relatively easy to implement it could be cool to have before full functionality is in place.

Sins no developer has reply to this post I ask again.

Is there any plans for a audio line in?

I think this is wery important, make the tracker more like standalone, now you have too use other application and detours to use & record the hardware.

Is it hard to implement?

If you look under polls it is still there.

I would also like this feature.
But we’ll have to wait for the devs to add it.
I’ve voted on that feature.