[implemented]Effects Presets <to Taktik, And Developers>

Hey everyone, this is really my first post, and I am new to Renoise, but I did pay my $45 cause I have faith in it. (Sorry i posted this in two areas…)

Just a little history… I am a Jeskola Buzzer if you will… I have worked with Buzz for about 6-7 years, so obviously I love the way it works… but I would like to move into Renoise just because you can have good midi syncing, and it seems like a little better support for VSTi’s and the likes…

ANYWAYS… to get to my point there is one feature in Buzz that I feel would help make Renoise so much better, and that is Effects “Presets” for the built in FX of Renoise… just a little drop down list for your favorite Delay times, Distortion Levels, Compression settings, and EQ’s… (I hope this makes sense… if you have time open Buzz and youll see what I mean.)

For me this is one thing that makes Renoise my 2nd choice because it takes so long for me to go in and edit the exact delays, or compression for a drum loop… it would be nice to have a preset closer to what my current idea is, and then tweak slightly from there… just helps keep the music flowing.

Cool, and thanks for checking out my post, I hope this isnt asking too much.

Vaisnava (Forrest) B)

You mean that you can store FX parameter settings in preset buttons just like in the envelope settings etc.?

Would definitely find this useful myself, also with the same feature for the LFO device!

It’s a good suggestion. I think it’s a feature everyone would use… at least me :)

Still no possible?

Look a bit closer. And you’ll see the light:

Oh, thank you. I was more like referring to Bantais post…

Should have been more clear.

@bantai: Renoise recently got 8 effect columns, so if you’re still running out of space you are automating an awful lot of stuff.

A huge +1 for device preset pattern command

I’ve never recorded automation in the pattern, always directly to envelopes. Are there specific benefits to recording directly into the pattern?

Dunno. It might be just a matter of preference. I find some kind of editing more convenient when done in pattern. Some stylistic things could also be easier in pattern, like certain parameter change advancing in blocks. For example. Pattern automation can be faster to set up and is always visible in pattern too.

All things automation can be done with both I guess. e_Naturally if setting transfer could be realized they could be recorded into automation also. Thinking of it, that could have usages beyond the init set up.