Imporing .wav/.mp3 With Mac

I know there is a downloadable plugin to import .wav files to Renoise, but it seems that that plugin is only for windows, it’s an .exe file. Is there a way to import .wav files with a Macintosh?

I’m not sure what you mean by import .wav files.
Wav files is no problem, but for mp3 you need quicktime installed. You dont need any plugins for that…

I just mean to get a .wav file into a song.
Maybe I’m just not figuring anything out, but I can’t even find anywhere in my Renoise that talks about importing either types of files. I’ve got quicktime.

Have you even read the manual? I mean importing samples is pretty basic and one of the keystones in tracking.

check this out if your lazy ;)

Yes, yes, I’m kind of switching to all new music programs and should get a little less lazy.

.wav import is built in