Import/Export Settings

Hi there,

I have a question I coundn’t find the answer by searching the forum or reading the manual.

Is it possible to import/export or copy parts of a songfile (instrument settings, patterns or tracks) and import/copy it to another songfile without rendering it to a soundfile? So I have the same settings/pattern/compilcated instrument setups etc… in a new song file?



I was on the verge of posting essentially the same question.

I’ve been adding vocals to some songs and found send track setup I really like. I wanted to apply all those device and settings to a vocal track in another song and ended up doing copy-n-paste device by device. (On a side matter, Renoise on my Ubuntu does not seem to respect ctrl-c and ctrl-c; I have to right-click and select from the menu to copy and paste. )

I thought it would sweet if there was a way to save off that arrangement of devices, perhaps as a new custom device. But I know of no way to do this.

One option is to first create a song template what such settings, but this doesn’t help if one decides after a song is created that this or that device chain setup should be added.

I just tried track -> copy in one instance of Renoise to see if I could then do track->paste intoanotherinstance and it doesn’t work for me.

OTOH I see that one can right-click in the device chain area and do device chain -> copy then do device chain -> paste in another song in another Renoise instance so thats a big step for me.

What are some other ways to copy parts of songs (tracks, device chains, whatever) from one to another?