Import Export To Cubase Or Logic Feature

Is posible to add a Import Export to Cubase or Logic Feature?
So we can pre-produce or do the final touches on renoise making this tool a profesional relationship with the Pro tools?

Coz i normaly use VST instruments it seams to me that a export feature have to be doable if the VST format is open or u guys can get access to it.


Go to:

Renoise Forums ->Renoise-Forum ->6. Tips & Tricks ->Mac Osx Audio In Now Possible, Got the Jack server to work with Renoise

If this is what you are longing for:

"Jack (the Jack Audio Connection Kit) is a low-latency audio server, written originally for the GNU/Linux operating system, and now with Mac OS X support. It can connect any number of different applications to a single hardware audio device; it also allows applications to send and receive audio to and from each other.

Jack is different from other audio server efforts in that it has been designed from the ground up to be suitable for professional audio work. This means that it focuses on two key areas: synchronous execution of all clients, and low latency operation."

I haven’t had the time needed to test it really cöz I’ve been buzy with some other things at the moment. I’ll write about my experiences as soon as I have started to work on my next project using Renoise and Logic Audio 6 (I don’t like Logic 7).

I prefer live guitar instead of sampled one; I mean I want to play the riffs straight on to hard disk. So for me it is faster to use ordinary sequencer for guitars. One can make really unique music with Renoise, music that would be impossible to create using Steinberg or Emagic, but these big names are a great help sometimes…

Sorry hehe im spanish, so maybe i din’t explain correctly.
What i want if it is posible is to save my .rns song into a cubase or logic dot what ever file format to be able of open it properly on one of those programs.

Renoise doesnt have a “export to midi” yet, just import. But its supposed
to be possible to funnel midi notes in realtime from program to program
via for example a program called “midi yoke”.

(So Renoise feeds notes via MIDI out and the other program receives those
notes via MIDI in.)

However a MIDI export seems to be in the works and will come in a future