Import Midi Without Making New Song.

Now there’s the pattern matrix, it’d be neat if dragging & dropping MIDI files didn’t open a new song, but gave an option to do so or to add the MIDI data to the current song, a track for each MIDI channel, and the patterns on the end.

Say you’ve already got a bass line and melody in renoise, and you drag a MIDI clip of a 4 bar drum loop onto it: instead of loading a new song with 1 track and one pattern, this would add a new track named “MIDI channel 10” and make a new pattern at the end of the sequence to cover the data, then in the pattern matrix you could cut and paste the drum loop into the patterns where you want it to play.

Dragging on another drum loop would add another new pattern, but with the data on the same “MIDI channel 10” track.

( This’d be well handy for toontrack’s “ezdrummer” VSTi, which has a built-in MIDI drumloop browser that expects you to be able to drag & drop them onto the host. )

Alternately, right clicking the pattern editor and choosing the “track” menu could get an “Import MIDI data” option allowing you to choose a MIDI file (and select the channel and bars in case it covers more than one MIDI instrument or is longer than the current pattern)

Maybe a track-per-MIDI-program instead of a track-per-MIDI-channel basis would be better? What do you think?


I second that. Would be very useful imho.

Would also be useful for Kontakt, and other things which can export MIDI.

MIDI snippet to track you mean :)
But i know exactly the ease of use for that.

In a nutshell, yes.


This would be extremely useful. Something I’ve wanted for years.