Import Multiple Midi Files

I have around 10 seperate midi files which I want to import to renoise. I want to put each one in it’s own new pattern (each is no larger than 64 steps) in my renoise project. then playback one after another. i.e. patt 0 = midi file 1, patt 1 = midi file 2, patt 2 = midi file 3 etc…

However, there seems to be 2 options. Either open the midi file like a project file (each file replaces the other), or drag and drop files on project. However, each time I drag in the next file, this overwrites the previous and defaults to pattern 0.

Is there any way around this? I have tried putting the files sequentially in Cubase and then ‘recording’ them to Renoise via Rewire, however, even when using midi-in or rewire-in options, Cubase does not have an option to send midi data to Renoise in any way so it looks like that option is out.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

after some lengthy editing I have overcome this issue. But would be interested to know if anyone has a solution

There is currently no good way to load additional midi-files into currently opened Renoise songs.
ReWire is one way to try it, if that doesn’t work you could as well use MidiYoke or CopperLan to transmit the Mididata across a virtual midi cable.
But unfortunately, you currently can only control one instrument at a time, so you would have to replay the whole piece for each instrument again.

Then there is OSC, where you can send the material to a designated track and using a designated instrument.
If you have a host that supports broadcasting stuff in OSC and allows you to write OSC scripts to send note-data to Renoise, this would requires the least configuration in Renoise, but then again most on the originating host side.

Use reaper then export it as midi, and then load into renoise it will take you about 1-2 minutes. You can just drag and drop there. I guess in this matter reaper is light years ahead hehe.

If you realy want to do this in renoise you have to open 2 renoise instances, and just copy/past midi paterns from one renoise to another. Thats some way. And it wont take you much time either, becouse you can copy directly from pattern matrix.

cool, i’ll remember all those points in the future! thanks for the advice

I’m not too familiar with Cubase, but can I just ask… if you’re able to organise all the MIDI data in Cubase in the correct order you want, then is it not possible to export the merged data back out to a single MIDI file and load that into Renoise directly?